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Demogorgon Gold Guide


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Hey guys, I made a short guide for you to understand how the fight against Demogorgon works and what is the best strategy to unlock both regarding trophies of the DLC. Originally this was intended to be a Gameplay Guide, but for now I will add it to the forums area. If anyone is interested in writing a guide for the whole DLC, please let me know - I will gladly join! :)
General Information 
This guide was written to clear up the tactic of the fight against Demogorgon. If you follow the guide's strategy you will most likely achieve a gold score and therefore unlock the trophies  bronze.pngTamer of Demogorgon (normal version) and  silver.pngMaster of Demogorgon (epic/master version).

IMPORTANT:  To unlock the fight against  Demogorgon you must be level 70 and have a total item level (TIL) respectively gear score (GS) of at least 2,000 (normal) or 2,500 (epic/master). The fight starts every hour at half-past (e.g. 7:30, 8:30, 9:30,...) and 10 adventurers are required. You can either join it over the queue menu or directly in  Mantol-Derith. There is a time window of 5 minutes to join a queue and start the fight, so you have to be quick!

Within the following sections the three phases of the fight are described. The most important facts for each phase are highlighted in  RED.
For this fight preparation is everything. If you get into a group with other people that have no idea how the fight works, you can leave immediately and spare yourself some frustration. Therefore, it is recommended to join a premade queue group or to set up a queue group yourself. The best advice is to go to  Mantol-Derith 15-20 minutes before the fight starts and check the chat boxes. Usually there are tons of people searching for experienced other players to fight  Demogorgon. Chances are high you find yourself a group. If not, set one up yourself. Being in such a group of 10 adventurers also avoids joining of random people or trolls.
Though the requirements say that gear scores of 2,000/2,500 are enough, it is highly recommended to add at least 200-300 to these numbers. Like for epic dungeons, the required GS is way too low to achieve successful results. If you get in a group of people with gear scores of 2300+/2800+, there should not be a problem. Higher gear scores naturally make the fight easier.
Before the fight starts, every adventurer has to stand on the round platform in the middle of the room to avoid the additional 5 minutes of preparation time. Alternatively you may use this time to write short explanations of the following phases and how to do them best in the chat.
 Video Guide
Youtube Guide by AlsRandomkill
Phase 1 - Close rifts

Timer: 5 minutes

  • DPS: Close purple rifts and kill demons
  • Tanks: Keep Demogorgon away from the group
  • Healers: Close purple rifts, kill demons and if required heal your group mates

When the fight starts you will immediately notice  Demogorgon, but do not waste any time with him unless you are a  tank. In this phase there is no way to harm him as you might follow from his health bar which is in chains. To make everyone's lives easier, the  tanks  should keep Demogorgon away from the rest of the group. For everyone who's adventurer is a healer or  DPS , your tasks are closing the rifts and killing as much demons as possible. There are 3 different types of rifts: blue, green and purple. It is highly recommended to  only close purple rifts , as they give you the most points of all rifts for killing demons. As long as you follow this simple advice and the  DPS are high enough, there should not be any problems within this phase and you should achieve a gold score within the 5 minutes.

Differences for Demogorgon (Master): Compared to normal Demogorgon the demons have much higher HP.
Phase 2 - Kill Garistro
Timer: 5 minutes

  • DPS: Attack Garistro and stand in a line with the yellow portals
  • Tanks: like DPS
  • Healers: like DPS, if required heal your group mates

The 2nd phase is usually the one where people need to say "Good bye" to their gold score. But actually there is no reason to miss a gold score in this phase, because if you know the mechanics well this might even be the easiest phase.
For this fight, it is important to know the following rules. On both sides of the room (left and right) you will notice yellow and black portals. They can be mixed (1 yellow and 1 black on each side) or there are 2 yellow/2 black portals on the sides. It is important for you to know where the yellow portals are located.  Garistro will randomly do a charge attack on any of the players, indicated by red lines with arrows on the floor. The task for the adventurer which gets aimed by the attack is to  let Garistro run into the yellow portals only, as they will deal massive damage to him. If you let him run into one of the black portals, he will get healed. This way  Garistro would get around 3 times as much HP back as damage you would have dealt him via the yellow portals. It is very important to  avoid black portals. Even a single one of these can mess up your whole run - be careful! After each charge attack the colour of the portals switch - make sure you know again where the yellow portals are. It is recommended to line up beforehand for the yellow portals to avoid unnecessary long ways for your adventurer to run! If by any means you are unable to send him in one of the yellow portals, you should better try to hit nothing than a black portal. After every 2nd charge attack, you will get attacked by a "sanity beam", which causes massive damage. You can avoid said damage by running into one of the blue "Sanity Wells" around the map. If you follow these simple rules your group should be able to achieve a gold score in under 5 minutes.

Differences for Demogorgon (Master): The only difference within this phase is that this time there is only ONE yellow portal per round, which also changes after each attack.
Phase 3 - Kill Demogorgon
Timer: 3 minutes

  • DPS: Attack Demogorgon
  • TanksLead Demogorgon in the middle of the map, attack afterwards
  • Healers: Attack Demogorgon and heal your group mates

Now it is time to fight  Demogorgon himself. At first the tanks should  lure Demogorgon into the middle of the map, because from that point the three "Sanity Wells" are easy to reach. Additionally, you are closer to the respawn area in case anyone of your group dies. Basically, there is nothing else to know about. From time to time he summons additional demons, but they should be no problem for your group to kill immediately. Try to kill  Demogorgon as fast as you can, if you complete this task within under 3 minutes, the gold score is yours.

Differences for Demogorgon (Master): Compared to the normal version Demogorgon has much higher HP and summons more additional demons.
Final Words
If you have followed this strategy guide you will most likely achieve a gold score on all three phases. As soon as the third phase is over and  Demogorgon is defeated, the trophy for either normal or master  Demogorgon unlocks together with the in-game achievement. CONGRATULATIONS ADVENTURERS!

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For phase 1, close 1 green rift and others purple, faster than only purples.

For phase 2 if you have a high enough average dps and some buff gf's you can easily kill goristro by aiming him at the entrance. With a good team it's faster to kill him that way and no possibility for mistakenly letting him run into black portals.

And for phase 3 lure him to the entrance, closer for respawn and sanity wells there as well.

Great guide, people should read this before attempting, these bronze and silver runs because people just don't know what they're doing are so annoying...

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