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Calling off and ordering Assassins to retreat

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Is it possible?


There have been times I've summoned my crew to kill a few guards, but then more guards showed up and it got hairy.


I would like to be able to tell them to, you know, piss off, but I don't know if it's possible and I can't figure out how to do it if it is.


Also, I swear to God two of my crew got stuck in level geometry fighting a non existant guard while I was escorting a senator. One even died. I ended up quitting the game hoping it wouldn't save because if the game's gonna cheat, I'm cheating back.

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It also helps if you level them up by sending them out on missions. Train up two assassins high as you can, then start sending those two on higher difficulty missions teamed with a newly recruited assassin to level the newbie up faster; the veterans act as trainers for the newbies. It helps level your brotherhood up faster, and then they're able to survive longer when you use them in your own missions.

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I try to only send them out while not in any kind of alert and blended in with civilians and send all of them at once at a small group in an isolated area.  They usually get in and out fast that way, or at least make it so I can personally use hidden blades very easily.

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