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Rarest ps3 trophy?


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i am curious what your rarest ps3 trohpies are. they dont need to be platinum but the rarest ones probably are platinum

my personal rarest is the platinum trophy for the beatles rock band at 0.26% rarity with guitar hero metallica platinum closely behind at 0.34%

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44S5d54d3.png Hot Swedish Action 

In any Battle get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading and an A for Freestyling. 14th Apr 2016

10:34:29 AM 468


ULTRA RARE 40-bronze.png


This one even isn't hard or anything. I guess no one bothered with this one. DJ Hero 2.

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     Retro Obsessive



I love mine, at 0.41%.  It fits nicely considering I'm an 80's child.  Any of you who wants this one doesn't have much of a challenge either, just play the game for a total of 50 hours on your own pace.

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My top 5 rarest on PS3 at the moment:

Zen Pinball: Genshin defeated - 0.07%

Zen Pinball: Skilled Adventurer - 0.17%

Zen Pinball: World Warrior Champion - 0.23%

Zen Pinball: Monkey-wrench - 0.26%

Hustle Kings: Career Complete - 0.42%

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