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  Well Since i saw So Many amazing Checklists here i wondered why not making one to keep an "Archive" of my Platinums and telling something about my opinions or myslef, so Welcome here, in my Real   ~ Introduction ~   First of all Let's say something about me, even if in my opinion i'm quite a boring of a person I'm a 24 Years old Guy that Loves Anime, Manga and obviously Games! I play Games since i was 5 Years old and my Parents gave me a Ps1 With Crash Bandicoot 2 For Christmas :3 Since then i've never stopped so far, i had some Pause for months but really never stopped playing and i'm glad of that sinc ei had so much fun and see many amazing stories thanks to games! Meanwhile for Anime, Mangas and Everything Japanese that today is part of my life it took more time; i watched anime when i was a kid but just on Tv whenever i saw them, it's since 2011 that i seriously started watching anime subbed and discover this wonderful and amazing world and with it of course even the Mangas :3 I consider Myself not really Lazy more Like without that will i need to do stuff be it playing or even writing so it may could take a while for this list to be made or update What to say more, My favourite kind of games are obviously RPGs even if honestly i don't have problem playing any genre! And Of course i'm a "Sony Fan" Since i'm a Kid first with Ps1, then 2 & PSP, some years ago 3 and now PSVita & 4 even if i don't really like the Choices the it's making in the last years, but let's see! But Obviously i didn't played just this i also have a WII, a Gameboy and a Nintendo DS That i still play with sometimes!   My Personal Top for games is: 1) Persona 4/5 2) Kingdom Hearts Saga 3) Final Fantasy X 4) Tales of Xillia 1-2/ Catherine 5) Dark Chronicle 6) Crash Bandicoot (Ps1/4 + TwinSanity + Tag Team Racing) 7) Spyro (Ps1/Ps2)   And that's it, the first 3 are sure position, the others could always change   What's more to say, Yeah i like sports almost all of them (Besides Boxe, Windsurfing/Sailship, Hockey and Rugby/American football) in Particular Football; Moto Gp and the F1 Championship; That's it   ~ Other Infos ~   Well Here i just want to Say to Check My PSN Forum Profile if you're curious what i'm playing, if you need help in something i'm playing to boost and this kind of stuff, feel free to write to me if needed or if you just want! And no Problem in asking to be freinds on PSN of course, just tell me where you found me or i won't add you Same if you're curious about my Anime Tastes and want to talk about it, you find my MAL & AP Cards in my Forum profile! And please write only if you share my some tastes, i'm a Bitch about Anime Plus i Sometimes post either Vidoes or Entire Playthrought on my YT Channel, if you like to check it out, no commentary for now:   If You are Curious here some Photos of My Games/Anime/Manga Collections (Updated: 23/06/2018):         ~ My Platinum Trophy List ~   And So here it is the list of the Platinums i Got with a small Review and my personal votes!   ~ 1-100 ~       *I Started to do my Personal Reviews since My 95Th Platinum so before i wrote what i remember about me playing that games, sorry if are not amazing reviews and kinda boring or ripetitives.  
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