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Here i am back again this weekend, it's been a month since i started doing this Updates, nice i'm managing to keep it up :D 


- Current Completion %: 74.74% (Previous Week: 74.67% -  +0,07%); Basically all the % come from the Elden trophies i got sinc ei'm so much into it and just playing that!

- Unearned Trophies: 3857 (Previous Week: 3872 - -15 Trophies); Same as above, all trophies i got in Elden.

- Trophies Earned:  11995 (Previous Week: 11969 - +15 Trophies); Just 5 Away from 12k finally after 1 and half year since the 11k! (I was Playing Bloodborne back then looks like would you look at that!) 




Well i'm basiclaly just playing Elden Ring this week xD Didn't expect to get so much into it, i can really see why everybody like sit, it really gets into wanting to play more and explore/Defeat bosses! 

I Left last week with Radahan just defeated and so i went on from there this week i played so far 23 hours! (And this time i didn't had like 3 Extra Days where i was at home) Just to say how much into it got! I Reached Altus Plateau (using the Elevator actually i just did later for the Boss and Exp the Mines) i Cleared the Capital, then went into the Mountains just a cuple of days ago and in the end i cleared Volacno Manor Yesterday! Plus i Reached and almost cleared the Haligtree (But Oh boy there she is who i feared to face...) and Started exploring Farum Azula. Oh Yeah i also obviously completed Nokron & All the Section Under the world like the Lake of rot or Moghwyg's Palace. 


So Yeah i'm getting pretty close to the end, if not the coming week i think it's not that far away anyway the Plat. I'm Currently Level 112? Something around that i remember for sure in 110s.

I Have a Full Vigor/Strenght/Endurance Build using a Maxed out Grafted Blade Greatsword. I Wnated to use some Heavy weapons in this game and between the many that there are so far this is the best one for me. It staggers almost any Enemy in the game and deal A LOT of damage! This + Radahan Armor for Big poise make sso even if get hit i deal a lot of Damage too! A Risky Style but i like it a lot so far! Obviously i hope some mor einterestign heavy weapons come out in the next hours even just to have an alternative, it has Many weapons Elden but i don't wanna Re-spec for using them properly honestly depsite having 8 Larval tears so i could easily. But i'm having fun with this.


So Far i Enjoied most of the boss battles! I Have to say i don't like howw they made the Giant enemies battle like Radahan or the Fire giant, i found them more tedious than actual fun and fighting. Sure they looks cool but that's it. Still Radahan goes to 2Nd place because that Freakin' enemy thati is Astel, Naturalborn of the Void get the First place. What an annoying and just stupid battle. So Unfun for my meelee build basiclaly running around following the enemy that kept teleporting and delaing damage from far away + since this wasn't enough they felt the need to give him an Insta-kill move, such fun being close to vitcory twice and mis-timing the Roll to get grabbed and one-shotted by him, plus if you dodged this move he doesn't even get punished just teleports back once more, great -_- I was just relived when i beat it not even satisfied i was just happy because i could keep going on with Ranni's Quest!

I Really Enjoy Ranni's quest and her, great character and clear quest, it was fun to do now i just have to get to the end and see that ending for her!

On the Opposite i didn't enjoy much how some Quests aren't clear at all! D's for me just died and i was curious about his quest but never bothered of chekcing it out on the Wiki. And i Think i shouldn't have to be forced Looking online to see what to do or where a character go. With Ranni the actually tell you most of the times! I just looked what the quest would lock for her.


Anyway End of the Mini-Rant about some stuff :P Overall as said i'm having a Blast, i Love the new Scalet Rot element and the area based on it,i just wish it would apply slower to you (The Actual apply not the damage) it goes so fast compared to other things like poison. And i wish it would have had more Weapons with it, i wanna use it as "element" but i just found 1 weapon with it so far and in the end game at this point. Hopefully it's something they'll use again in the next game, especially the Areas, personally i love Caelid.

Ah Yeah my only BIG complain about the game is the Bleeding. Seriously it's so stupid. I Went from Ds3 where i used it and it was niche and only 2 bosses suffered from it to here where it's broken! I see bosses going down super fast becuase of that and even going against Phantom's actual in-game ones with bleed feels like i'm playing a Hide & seek games at times. I Actually Refuse to use weapons with it because of how stupid i found it, they definitively overtuned it here.


On a Happier note i'm really glad for the Mimic tear xD It Makes Some bosses really actual fun and not a drag to play distracting and dealing some nice extra damage, i'm glad for that addition! I think without it i would still be who knows where having a lot less fun. After all i have no trouble saying i'm Decent at Souls game but nowhere close to Good or great as many others.


Well end of what seems more like a Plat Review rather than a Re-cap of what i actually did if i think about it, oh well i would just Direct here this part of my Plat Review :awesome: 


Anyway let's end as last week with some Screenshot of different areas, one thing Elden ring is AMAZING to is the area they are indeed gorgeous to see and explore! (And i agree with some comments Online they finally did a Fun Lava Area XD) 

















You Can even actually seeing in Order My Chaning in gear from Random Sets with Greatsword to The Grafted Blade and the Radahan Set! 




Not Much to Say in Genshin, i'm Currently Farming a Bit of Bosses for Kazuha & Yoimiya (And Klee but relaisticlaly she'll be build at a later time) and just now started going back to the Husk Dungeon to try and finally find some good pieces to build my Itto that i neglected for a LOOONG time (Plus If i can find pieces for Albedo too would be nice). So Far nothing but Ehi two Wonderful Clam Pieces for Qiqi so it's not that bad! 


The only other thing to say is that i Played both current on-going events and i'm already done with them, thankfully i say so i can focus on something else next week. The Drumalong event wasnt' bad but really messy on Console i didn't liked it, they should have allowed customize buttons, would have made it better. Not that it's hard or anything, it's super Permissive/soft, i felt like i missed a lot of notes in the Pro difficult to see even 86% at the end, ah Ok! :P For the Mud Event i actually played it just now before wirting here. It was neat, nothing amazing i guess played daily would have been better being a Mini-Story. Oh well it's done and i'm glad, didn't enjoied it as much as i hoped.


I think that's all for the 2.7 now so i'll just Wait Kazuha, Klee and the Island Adventure now in 2 weeks, i have High expectations for that! 


I'll just leave here a Happy Ayaka with the Drum ^_^ 





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Hi! I'm back! Took 2 Weeks this time because last week i was on Holiday away from home so i just decided to wait and write everything in one go, especially when i got 4 plats in the Meanwhile :3

So Let's start with them in order i guess! Oh yeah i ahve Shadow Warrior 3 Too to write down i forgot!


Platinum Trophy N.189 - Shadow Warrior 3




Personal Vote: 7,5/10


My Precious!
Collect all Trophies


Let's start with Shadow Warrior 3! I Already have 1 & 2 on my profile and i love this series, i really should go back to them so when i upgraded my PSPlus and with it got SW3 i decided to give it a go! I knew it is short and easy and so i could complete it before it would go out of the service and so i did, a week before too without troubles! It is indeed a really easy and fast plat it took me 3 Days only and 2 of them it was during the week so while working. 

What to say, i think it's a Decent ending to the story of Lo Wang! It's a game you can really play by itself, the only calling back are Zilla and his story and it's not even necessary for the main game story itself, Hoji too you don't need to play the First one to get what's going on, which i guess it's not bad for  agame easily picked up by many randomly being easy and on PsNow/PLus for a while.

As Said the game is pretty short with 11 chapters you egt through pretty fast, it took me 8-9 hours to plat and i spent 2-3 of them going back for collectibles. There is a Chapter selection option so nothing is missable plus the game saves every collectable got so no need to end the chapter either! Really nice. 

I Liked the story, ti's pretty simple but fun and Lo Wang is stilla fun character with a lot of jokes and moments i'm happy that is the same as before :D 

Gameplay wise the game is nice, the areas to explore are actually gorgeous they really did a great work on that side! On the rest not so much, the battle gets tedious many times with too many enemies to eliminate becoming annoying rather than fun in some points, plus i ended up using 90% of the times simply Rail gun and Granade luncher and rarely all the other weapons, not really that great, the pistol basically become weak already after the first battle unless you level it up right away. And i was playing on Normal, can't imagine on hard how long some battles are.


Anyway i enjoyed the game for what it is, a simple midless adventure with Lo Wang to save the world once more (Obviously it's always Lo Wang's fault in the first place why it needs to be saved xD). I would have liked something like SW2 which remains the best one gameplay wise (The only problem in that game is the sheer amount of weapons you get, so many you won't use and the Grind really useless for the plat) still it was a nice experience. 

I'm glad i played it to enjoy the story and i did so with the PSPlus because for how much i liked my time with it in the few days i played it, it'ìs so short, easy and simple (I forgot to tell but only 2 bosses in the entire game? Meh) i would have probably regret it getting it full price or even Half price honestly.


Still a Nice plat to add to my collection, i hope the 1 & 2 will join it someday!


Platinum Trophy N. 190 - Metropolis: Lux Obscura (PSVita)




Personal Vote: 6,5/10


Metropolis: Lux Obscura Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!


What to say, i already got the plat and enjoied it back on Ps4 almost 2 years ago and since i like dit i got it back on PsVita too some months ago! I played it at night a couple of hours while i was on my holyday it was a fast easy game to relax with! As said i already played uit even if i think i didn't write down a real review for it back then. I Like dthe story, it's well told, REALLY well drawn, i like this kind of style, and i like the "Noir" of it depsite basically not having any good ending, the 2Nd one kinda is, but not much, i guess it's to be expected after all it's not a saint the Main character let's say :P 

The game is simple just go to places on the screen, enjoy the story that changes based on some small decision you have to do at times and then "play" the game. The game is a Tretris? Not right a chart based gameplay, you have a chart/table with different thing on it and you have to aling 3-4 or more of them to make attacks or other things, like you have 2 punches or 2 medkits gotta find a 3rd piece and put them togheter to hit or heal yourself. Pretty simple but still fun i enjoy this kind og style and i'm surprised nobody else tried it out in some indies, or maybe i don't know other games with it!

Anyway i had a good time with it and was nice to play it once more! I absolutely recommend it, the plat is fast and easy since you can even skip the scenes and do the battles and so the game lasts like 40-50 minutes? To Reach an ending. It's kinda RNG dependent on what you get on the grid, could be awesome pieces or terrible ones youare bound to lose with. I remember getting annoyed by that on the Ps4 but this time guess i got rather lucky, i had to retry some battles but nothing frustrasting at all! 


Platinum Trophy N. 191 - Elden Ring (Ps4)




Personal Vote: 9,5/10


Elden Ring
Obtained all trophies



A game i enjoyed as much as i thought after watching it a while and really wanting it! I already said a LOT on my previous weekly status updates so i won't go too deep in this review, i could actually sum up the final part of the game! Can't remember where i left off, reading my previous "update" i think i had to go into the Snowfields then! The Snowfields were an all right area, i like snowy area in games but this one was (Like in Ds2, Still waiting for a good one i guess) basically 90% open fields, some Caves, Really annoying snow storm where you can't see anything (Such fun always to move here....) and an annoying puzzle in the town! At least the North Area before the Fire Giant was cool as it was the battle too, i enjoied it a lot! After that Farum Azula was cool, i liked a Crumbling ruin in the Sky and the Bosses are pretty nice too, a lot less troublesome than i expected thankfullly especially placidusax which i was afarid of, more for his tankyness and lenght of the battle than anything but it wasn't too bad.


Meanwhile i reached the Haligtree and explore the area, i was surprised since this is the area i NEVER saw anybody play it (And well i guess indeed watching now some challenge videos they just "Skip" the area tot he bosses xD) an even more surpised when i got to Malenia since i always thought she was elsewhere (After the Door at the end i always thought). I was scared to face her and i got my ass kicked at first so i got back here later after doing sonme roming around for stuff i missed be it early or late game, i went to do Mogh and Rykard which i was both missing, they weren't so bad, fun battles actually! After leveling up more i amnaged to take down Malenia, still took a lot of attempts, she was the worst enemy to face it tooks something like 30-40 attempts to beat her but i expected that so it wasn't as bad! I boviously used the Mimic, i'm not that skilled or patience to beat her with a Super Heavy weapon alone, she would have punished me a Lot revering always health that way (For whatever reason i still don't get nor think it was necessary why she has life steal on hit).


Anyway with her down i went into the end, Defeated Hoarah Loux another enemy i've never seen before, guess i always missed those parts of the streams i checked randomly. And then into the end! I don't really like the battle against radagorn. I dislike an enemy that gives you such a small time to attack and it's not even safe anyway 90% of the times! Plus it couldn't be poised or stunned almost at all even with my Grafted Sword -_- Anyway i Made it through with like 3-4 Flask maybe less, can't remember, and thankfullly the Elden beast wasn't as bad, it killed me 2-3 times but then i won! I was then surprised that they allow you to save and go around BEFORE chosing the ending without having to re-do the final battle, this is such a sweet addition i hope they keep it, it's nice not having to face the Final boss 3-4 times for the different endings and just enjoy them slowly.

Then i started Working towards the Endings! Well, the ending i guess, the normal one obviously is easy to achieve, the Ranni one was done i just had to summon her, i had to go down and get the frezied flame! Which was more troublesome than it should have because it "Frenzied" My console -_- It literally crashed twice during the Scene when you enter the Room for the Flame. IT's seriously too hot to keep my Ps4 verticlaly on the stand, looks like putting it on the table horizontaly did the trick (And so it is now i guess the Console) and it didn't crashed anymore so i fianlly got it. The Endings are, nice i guess? They don't tell much and you have to read online the different deatils. Eh, as always the endings are Kinda dissapointing in the From Soft game but oh well, the Ranni one with the Giant moon is cool, i read about it, can't really say if it's good or not but i guess it works.


Anyway that's all for my Elden ring journey, i wrote the final part of it here since the rest is already in my previous weekly update and this text is already massive to make it even bigger :P I just finished the Plat looking for talisman, Sorceries and Weapons ai was missing. I would have got the plat already 1 week ago but i had no more tiime before leaving and so i finished in 30 minutes yesterday xD I tried to Change build once i was done with the main story. I Tried Full Malenia set both armor and weapon, i had fun, less tanky but faster and yeah Bleeding which as said previously for me it's OP in this game currently. Then to end i tried a Magic build! I used mostly the Pebble and Ranni's Moon. Decent damage but nothing amazing, can't say it was super fun but i probably didn't really do a great build, with better work on stats and talisman it surely is funnier than what i tried. 


Anyway that's all for Elden ring for me! It's a really fun a great game, can't waity to see the next from soft game, the Open world thing works out well enough, maybe more variety around would be better, i literally saw some bosses 6-7 times in dungeons or around and then i discovered yesterday like there are 2 twins to defeat for a rune activation? Cool what a pity i never faced them -_- So Yeah hopefully they work on it, more variety and more indications on where to go too! Ranni's quest as said it's kinda clear where to go but many others aren't! (Like D's Quest, would have liked to see it, never bothered check the wiki, cool just seeing him dead later on....) Heck i don't even know where you activate most of the runes! I just found the Castle Tower since it's actually visible and obvious, the Raya Lucaria Tower because of Ranni's quest and the Caelid tower the other one actually visible. Where the heck do i activated other runes i don't know, and i shouldn't be forced to go on the Wiki to look for it! At least in my opinion.


I would have liked more Scarlet Rot weapons too, it's a nice new state and i like it but i found 1 weapon with it. And as magix i saw the Aeonia Flower giving it. Sure i missed some weapons but even looking at the wiki i find like what 7,8? Weapons overall, not much when i see what inflicts bleeding and it's like 30 weapons and it's much more effective overall too....

Hopefully they improve on that. That aside i enjoyed a LOT my Super heavy style with the Veteran Set and the Grafted Blade Greatsword, i liked that you could Poise break and stuna  LOT of the enemies, big ones too with this weapon, it was awesome!


The Plat was a nice journey, i'm glad i could just enjoy the game, paying attention to only 1 weapon to no miss and it was easy to get too and then don't worry to check guides and stuff if i didn't want to. I'm especially happy for no useless covenants, they weren't ever necessary and hopefully it continues this way, not having to farm 1 item in 1 place with a 1% drop rate for 5 hours sure made the game a lot more enjoibale at the end!


To End this already giant wall of text, i liked the game a lot, it's not perfect but i had a TON of fun with it and the locations are simply gorgeous i loved taking screenshots of the different areas! Can't say if it's the Goty for me, i'll see at the end of the year (Still i think being buyest i liked Sophie 2 a bit more) but surely is one fo the best game i've ever played! Still it's 2nd form me in the From soft List, i find Bloodborne better in a lot of aspects!  :D 

Surely gonna get it and play it again on Ps5, whenever i'll manage to get one.


Platinum Trophy N.192 . The Tower Of Beatrice (PsVita)




The Tower of Beatrice Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!


Personal Vote: 6/10


I barely give the passing vote to it because i liked the idea and type of game but the execution of it? Ugh. The Tower of Beatrice it's a short point and Click kind of game where you have to solve puzzles after being trapped in a tower to get free from it. There are 6 rooms overall, the first 2-3 honestly aren't so bad you can work around and make it yourself but the last ones? I just had to check a guide and follow it because howthe heck would you know some stuff? In the Art Room 60% of the things aren't even needed for escaping are just there! Anyway that's why i give a passing vote at best. I Like this kind of puzzle games. But i Like them when i can actually work around the puzzle myself and not needing a guide that how it figured some things out i don't even know. 

At least it's a really fast and Easy plat, just gotta escape and the plat is yours and it takes 2 hours at most, it was another game i played during the Trip and finished yesterday. 




* I have screenshots and Plat images for everything, but i gotta copy them on the USB so i'll post theme here later for every game.

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So, after writing down all the Platinum Impression here are my Progress in this 2 Weeks, quite a Lot actually for once :3


- Current Completion %: 75,09% (Previous Week: 74.74% -  +0,35%); A TON of % for once, coming bascially from finishing ER + 3 other games that surely gave a lot to it. Back to 75% even if for a little time.

- Unearned Trophies: 3841 (Previous Week: 3857 - -16 Trophies); Basically the 16 trophies i was missing from ER since the rest was tarted and finished right away ad so it's a 0 for this stat.

- Trophies Earned:  12088 (Previous Week: 11995 - +93 Trophies); Reached 12k finally after a long long time in 11k! I think it's been a long while since i got this many trophies in such a short span of time, probably years! This is all thanks to Sw3, Beatrice & Metropolis being such short games i got 76 trophies just from them! I guess it's nice playing some short games from time to time to increase this stats :P 


What to say, i won't write much down here, i suually post my week recap and progress but i already wrote down what i did and my impressions in the Plat post here so i'll just repeat myself  xD 


This is basically what i played + Genshin where i just Played the Current Events and Farmed for Kazuha-Klee-Yoimiya, so not much to say, i'm waiting for wednesday with the 2.8 to play properly.


This week i'm going back to Nioh 2 now after ER, and gonna soon start Maneater and Ape Escape from the PSPlus so the stats are gonna tank down a bit especially the %, but hopefully gonna work it back up especially with Nioh (And Crash 4 which i plan to go back to later this week)



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Platinum Trophy N.193 - Manater (Ps4)




Obtain all other trophies


A bit late but here i am writing the Review for my last platinum, Maneater! This is a game i saw played at the release and liked it a lot right away! I Wanted it but never really got a good chance on sale (It usually was with some other games i got) and so it was kinda sad when it got on the PSPlus but only for the Ps5! (I didn't had one at the time) so when i got the PSPlus Extra and saw the Ps4 version on it i went and downloaded straight away! And Boy it was short but fun :3


I already knew the general "Story" which is neat but it's not really the main part of the game being the gameplay and roaming around!

I Have to say the game was short but it was a LOT of fun! I really liked going around as a shark, eating what you find around growing up, becoming stronegr and seeking revenge or a Showdown i guess. The different abilities ar eprettyy cool even if none really catched my taste, well at least in the base game. I got the DLC when it was on sale and Boy i'm happy i did! It addds quite a bit with a new area and "New Enemies" no well actual new enemies true you get Boats and helicopters too that weren't in the base game at all but above all you get the Atomic Shark Parts! And now that was for me a lot of fun! Just Charging up the power super fast and unleash Lasers on the enmies was really great, i enjoied that a lot, the DLC surely made the end game for me a TON funnier than it would have been without!


The trophies are pretty easy, most are gotten just playing, the Rep Levels are kinda grindy but nothing bad i was Rep 10 2 areas before the End game already. And the Collectibles are all Showed on the map by spamming around the Scanner at Max level which has a Huge range, i didn't use a single guide if not on how to get to 1-2 chests because i couldn't find the acess to some caves. So yeah simple fast and fun trophies without much need of aguide to constantly check which is personally pretty nice!


I have to see at the end, especially with the DLC parts the game was lagging a bit especially under water, nothing bad but still noticable enough, i guess it could have been worked on a little better on Ps4.


I really had a good time as i expected and the DLC is a great addition (Even if kinda expensive, ti adds like 3 hours of content, fun content sure but still 15 € is a bit too much, 10 is right) so i'm glad to have this platy, i honestly got it waaay faster than i expcted, i expected to take 4-5 days not only 2 :giggle:


I'll Leave here the Plat Image with the Atomic Skin on! (Gonna put the Image later)


I'm Surely gonna Re-Play it once more on Ps5 in the future!



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Took a 2 Weeks break from the Site because of being a lot into Gaming first and back to work afetr but here i am now hoping to be resuming the Weekly updates :P 

I got a lot of trophies this time! Even if i say the number are "Faked" by me getting a Ps5 and starting playing Genshin there since it Auto-Popped 45 trophies xD 


- Current Completion %: 75,08% (Previous Week: 75,09% -  0,01%); I'm Actually Surprised i almost didn't lose anything in 2 weeks! Since i Started Stardew Valley with actually getting Trophies and so getting Registered % wise i'm Glad i'm almost back to where i was! 

- Unearned Trophies: 3871 (Previous Week: 3841 - +30 Trophies); Yeah, as said i Started Stardew Valley and Genshin on Ps5 i'm missing right 30 Trophies from Both games. I Guess Unearned trophies now just increase withh Getting trophies ina game and not at 0%? Because i already had Stardew in the previous weeks at 0, strange.

- Trophies Earned:  12195 (Previous Week: 12088 - +93 Trophies); Well as i said i got a LOT of trophies thiw 2 weeks, didn't expcted more than 100! Even if as said it's "Faked" by the 45 Trophies in one go from Genshin, still 62 Trophies between Maneater Plat and Stardew Valley it's pretty great i would say!


Here is what a Played! Maneater is Obviously included in this last 2 weeks and i got the plat for it, not gonna Post it back here again with my Review for it right above i would mostly repeat myself!




Oh, i gues i'll continue using the Ps4 Image Form the next Update, the Ps5 one copy pasted it's way too big xD 

Anyway Keep playing in Genshin! I Got Kazuha and Klee Right as the Banner wnet out as i said, i was expecting for them! Got pretty unlucky with the rolls and had to spent too much for my liking but oh well i'm super happy to having them both! Klee looks like fun sadly i have such shitty artefacts i can't really play her properly, i'm working on that, whenever the Crimson Flame domain wants to give me some decent pieces.... Kazuha instead it's a staple in my team ever since i got him! I love just how great he plays and how strong he is! It's so fun just jumping up dropping down and Vortex up all the enmies :P 

I Had 2 Weeks where the game, especially with Kazuha on the Team, would just Crashe so many times. At first it was against Raiden, i tried alone, with a friend, after the Console was turned on for hours,, nothign half way in the battle it said the Ps4 was too hot and crashed. It Started doing that on domains too. So i basically just Farmed what i could and did my dailes and that's it.

Thanks god i nnow have a Ps5 and so i'm playing the Ps5 version of it, Goddamn it's AMAZING! So much more color, more detail, that draw distance and the fluid battle i guess now i see why people enjoy Dps on filed, without stutter it's great! Plus using Kazuha and combos without any worries that there is too much on screen for the console to handle! 

I'm really enjoying it on Ps5, this weekend i didn't felt like it but either the next one or the ne after i'm absolutely gonna play the Summer Event! 


PS: Now i could actually get the Platinum for it, i always left out the Falcon Trophy and the Lyue chests for not having the Auto Pop on the plat. Still i'll wait, gonna work on the cest of course but i want this game i love to be on my profile so it's gonna be plat 200 now that i can!




What to say. I'm Having such a MASSIVE blast with this game! I just love it, it's so much fun i get immersed hours in it without noticing, can't believe i'm already 51 hours in it, seems yesterday i started! This really shows how graphic it's secondary, Stardew it's a fully Pixaleted game and for me it's soo much better than most Modern games! It's so satisfying watching your farm and income grow, getting stronger and deeper into the mines, knowing the stories of the Citizens and always discovering new stuff! 

So Far I'm the middle of Summer Year 2 and i'm finally getting a good bit of money to get whatever i want (even if not all in once of course), i'm enjoying slowly progressing every day :D 


I'm gonna try and rememebr to take some svcreenshots of my farm to post here don't know if in the enxt days or at this point in the next week update!


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So, here i am back again, took a little break from writing because i was well for 2 weeks busy with work and now busy with Plats :P 

And indeed i got a lot, i wanted to try and reach 200 if possible in this last week of rest i have this summer and i suprisingly made it, did not expect that :D 

So here i leave all the plats i got:


Platinum Trophy N. 194 - Ghost of Tsushima (Ps5 Version)






Living Legend
Obtain all trophies.


Well, my First Auto-Pop trophy. I really didn't wanted to but i did not wanted to reach 200 not playing games i didn't feel like at the moment and so here we are. I Want to get back to Tsushima Anyway on Ps5 and i have NG+ to do to enjoy it all over again before the DLC so it's not big deal. I Love this game so i really have to get back into it| I honetsly thought it was an Auto Upgrade if i had it on Ps4 did not expected i had to pay for it! Thankfully it's in the PSPlus collection so no problem getting it from there :D 





Platinum Trophy N. 195 - ManEater (Ps5)






Obtain all other trophies


Well, Another Auto-Pop which i guess it's pretty obvious when it was my last platinum before this list xD I said i wanted to play it again in the future but i needed really 2-3 Plats to be Super fast missing 6 of them and well Maneater was the only other Auto-Pop game i had and so i went for it. Not much to say about the game since i already said everything, it looked smoother on Ps5 but still not perfect so i guess it's the game itself that still lags a bit (But waaaay less). Anyway another Fast Plat, it's now my Fastest platinum ever after Jak & Daxter was the LEgit one in 5 hours for like 7-8 years... 

I'm Glad at least it gives you complete 100%, DLC included so i can say Man Eater is completely done in my backlog in both versions.


Platinum Trophy N.196 - Evan's Remains






Evan's Remains


After Two Auto-Ops and actual new game i played and got the plat for :P Evan's Remains is a game i had in my backlog for quite a long time, i got it since i got curious by the story and since i really enjoy this short 2d Pixel style kind of games! And indeed i had a lot of fun with it! It's bascilaly a 2D Novel with Puzzles in the middle to complete, pretty fun ones, nothing too challenging but not that simple either to solve i have to say! 

The story is really nice and emotional, i can't say much without spoiling it but i definitively recommend it if you want a short and nice story in your day, i'm kinda dissapointed by the ending since it's something i disagree with and i would have like to see more, but oh well, it was still a really enjoiable experience!

Trophy wise it's super simple, it has only 3 missable trophies, pretty easy to pay attention to by checking the guide in what chapter/section they are anf getting them. There is no chapter selection so they are actually missable but as said it's just a matter to pay some attention nothing more, anyway the game lasts 3-4 hours if played properly i guess waaay less if you skip everything so no big deal even in case of missing those torphies right away.


So Yeah pretty easy plat and a nice story, a game i'm glad i played and 1 less in my backlog, plus 1 Plat closer to 200!





Platinum Trophy N.197 - Legend of Talia: Arcadia






The Hero of Talia
Discover everything about Arcadia's past and kill the dragon.


It makes my kinda sad thinking 90% of the people just get this game for the super fats plat skipping everything when the story is actually really good and nic,e nothing amazing or innovative don't get me wrong but i relaly enjoied it, short but compelling! 

The story introduce us to Arcadia, An heroine well know in the world of Talia and starts back with a Flashback that is the base of the entire story. The story then goes on and i can''t say much without spoiling it, anywya it's a nice little adventure to read, like an interactive book, this one i 100% a VN after all. I really hope to see a chapter more in the future maybe, like the Sakura series, because it was nice! I have to say the ending felt more for Fanservice than anything i'll be honest but ehi i'm not complaining about it :awesome: 


For Trophies it's bascially an Auto-Platinum, just read through the story and plat that's it. Saldy as said you can even just skip through and plat it in 3 minutes which i guess at least 95% of  the 99+% People who got the plat did....


(I uploaded by Mistake the Gold Trophy Image, it's the same as the plat one anyway, gonna fix it later)





Platinum Trophy N.198 - Deponia






Deponia unlocked!
Complete every trophy of the game.


So, i needed another short game for my target and Deponia was my choice since i checked and it was a short one indeed! This is another game i had in my backlog for a while, it's a point and click adventure, and i really enjoy this kind of games even if this one is kinda on the dispersive type with a lot of walking around and stuff you can easily miss or not knowing what to do right away wich i guess it's kind athe point but having to walk through 5-6 areas each time make sit annoying more than anything. So Yeah i used a walkthrough for most of it otherwise it would have take a lot longer and i probably wouldn't have enjoied it as much too so i'm glad i did that.

I liked the story, it was an interesting one from start to end and Rufus (the Main character) is an idiot xD the locations where interesting too, kinda too big maybe in the town but well mostly because it's a lot of back and forth i guess than the area itself.

Anywya it was a short but neat experienc,e i really liked it and i'm curious to see more of it, i have already Chaos on Deponia and Deponia Doomsday in my backlog (Gotta get Goodbye Deponia on the US account since for whatever reason in EU didn't arrive -_-) so i'll definitively try to see how the journey on Deponia and for Rufus continues in the next months! (Always with a guide on my side) 


Trophy wise it's pretty easy. I don't know why the Guide says like 70% are missable when some have to be done for the actual story at least in the guide i followed, still it's nice that they are in order on the guide and trophy list so i just checked when the guide said a trophy was in an area and checked what to do, pretty simple!





Platinum Trophy N.199 - Fallout 4






Platinum Trophy
Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy


And so Finally here i have it, the platinum trophy for Fallout 4! this agme really took me a while indeed, 5 years if you check my profile :P The Reason why it took so much it's a mix of personal Lazyness and not enjoying the game as much, i mean the funniest part was the settlements for me, it says a lot no? I Started the game back into 2017 but got bored i guess? Can't remember, and went back properly into it 2 years after. I did almost everything aside from the Level 50 trophy which i decided to complete once i got the DLCs with the pass. Well i got the Pass back into 2020 i think? And Got some trophies, i started Far Harbor back then but got bored pretty fast of it. I Went back to it knowing i was missing only 1 trophy for the Plat a couple of days ago and i was level 48 so i decided to just playing it and finally get it (Rather than starting another short game just for the sake of it, and i have like 4-5 of them but as seen i like to read and enjoy them not skip them).

So i sit down and properly played the Far Harbor DLC, i even finished it story wise, it's neat, not as boring as i rememebred at least, but nothing even exciting, kinda like the whole game i guess. (even if that Puzzle Minigame, Ugh, thanks god for guide) Still i'm only missing the side stuffs in it and the Nuka Cola one as Story releated DLCs so i'll try working on those during this days to finally be done with Fallout 4 and getting the 100% since it's more tedious than hard, i can totally make it.


Anyway i can't say much about the game itself, as said 3 years passed since i actually played it properly, i remember the big of it but not much since as said, i didn't enjoied it that much. In My opinion this is the Weakest fallout after 3 and NV, in those 2 i started bored with them and got into them lately a lot, here pretty much the opposite i guess. Plus it's super annoying, for me at least, finding ammo, i'm forced to change 10 weapons every time to go to the one with more ammo, should that be fun to me? 

Story wise i don't remember much aside for the big "Surprise" in the story i guess which still eh...


Anyway this is done and another Plat to my backlog, once i'm done with the 100% i can be completely done with the game, definitively not at all sad that a fallout 5 in 2040 will not be on Ps if that's the direction already in the 4Th one.


Here is one of the Few Plat Images in Italian i have in the last years, just because i always played Fallout In Italian being translated good enough with decent enough talking.





Platinum Trophy N.200 - Genshin Impact (Ps5)






The Path of Discovery
You have collected all the trophies for Genshin Impact in the current version. May you always maintain the courage and spirit to traverse the world and conquer all its challenges!


What can i say if not maybe FINALLY? xD I'm working towards Number 200 for now almost 3 years, one of the longest times between a Trophy Nmumber Milestone since i usually took 2 years at most but well i'm playing pretty long games i guess in the last years and had less time but here i am with the end of this series of plats and the Number 200 being one of my favourite game ever of course, Genshin impact!


My Plan for Plat 200 was intially Catherine: Full Body since that one is another one of my favourite games ever  but once i got a Ps5 where Genshin actually has a Plat i knew i wanted it to be number 200! And i tried to work on it and doing that Before the Sumeru update that's why i tried and managed to get it now :D 


What can i say about Genshin, i think the game itself it's pretty well know, so i don't have to say much about it, i personally love the story, the world, the scenery, the characters, everything about it, it's definitively the Online game i spent the most money on, so many characters i wanted up until now :P 

I'm really excited to see how the story continues and i'm really glad the Main events last so long, it really helps like now, i was more focused on other games and stuff, now i'll get back into it and i still have 2 weeks for the main events, that's nice! Plus i don't mind at all the End-Game formula i'm in now with just entering doing dailies, working on Stuff with the Resin be it Materials or artefacts and that's it, in 20 minutes i'm done and move on, for me having 2-4 hours at most during the Week days to play it's great not having to spend hours on it! 


Genshin is gonna be a game i'll play for a very loooong time, i guess with time given it will surpass my most played game too (Let It Die with 2200 hours for now), i simply love this game and it keeps getting better, i'll spend less money on it because in this first year i really spent waaay too much and the Sumeru characters appeal me less thankfully, still i can't wait for Kusunali :3 


The Plat it's pretty easy, just a LOT of farming, but well Lyue is Really big and so it wasn't a problem for me only missing 200 Chests from there for the plat (and well the Falcon trophy i let that one on purpose to not auto-Pop it expecting to get the Ps5 Version waaay later). I'm only missing the Pages for a Book now and the Sakura Tree at level 50 for the 100%, i don't knwo why they didn't put daily chests in Inazuma, it's such a tedious task working on the Tree this way, hopefully it's not like that in Sumeru. 


I'm so Happyto be playing the Ps5 Verison of it! the gameplay is A TON smoother, didn't expect 60fps to make such a massive difference, the rendering it's incredible and the places are a lot more lively with more stuff on screen! Such a massive difference from the Ps4 version O.o Plus i don't have to worry about the game overheating and making the Console Crashing, with this heat if i play against Raiden on PS4 my console just crashes i can't even finish the battle, this even if i just turn on the console from 0 O.o 


Here i leave the Plat Trophy Image and the Video too because otherwise it looks pretty Meh. I Leav the Lyue chest Trophy image too since it's pretty good :3

Here you can see my Favuorite Girls in the plat on the team :wub:









That's all! I'm so happy to finally reach 200! Now back to 40+ Hours game and taking a long time before 225 xD 


Gonna get back to the Weekly updates too in the next days!

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Just Writing a post since it's been 3 weeks :P 


Not much to say so i won't make a big update thing as usual, i basiclaly enjoied the Golden Apple Arcipelago in Genshin which i still had to do and it was Awesome, wish i started it before the last 5 days :P Now Sumeru is out so i'm gonna enjoy it :3 Aside from Genshin just DBD, enjoying killer when i don't get 4 Egocentric egotistical pricks on the other side and Farming survivor which i always and still find so boring to play. I also Started F1 22 but not doing much there, i shoudl play mroe but lately i'm super lazy, that's why i basiclaly resumed everything i did here in 3 lines. 


Gonna try up the work this week or i'll never make progress anywhere and it sucks. Plus i wanna work on my main page of the checklist, i'm missing the last reviews i did there i can put and i shoudl update my photos, they are like from 3-4 years ago at this point xD 


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It's been 2 Weeks since my last Mini update and even a Month, Wow already, since my actual last update i guess it's time to sit down and write something or i'll never do it :P 


Let's start with the usual stats:


Took a 2 Weeks break from the Site because of being a lot into Gaming first and back to work afetr but here i am now hoping to be resuming the Weekly updates :P 

I got a lot of trophies this time! Even if i say the number are "Faked" by me getting a Ps5 and starting playing Genshin there since it Auto-Popped 45 trophies xD 


- Current Completion %: 74,71% (Previous Month: 75,08% -  0.37%); Might as well go Month wise this time, Not that bad, it was waaay wost last weeks, i'm working on getting back to 75, F122 and DBD really tanked my overall % but slowly increasing it again! 

- Unearned Trophies: 4094 (Previous Month: 3871 - + 123); Yeah, between all the game i started, which Horizon is included i guess from my last stats update obviously this number went up incredibly. I wanna get back under 4k before the end of the year, should be doable no problem, easy to say i'ts IMPOSSIBILE my target to go even under 3k at this point.

- Trophies Earned:  12504 (Previous Month: 12195 - +309 Trophies); Obivously most were given in the Plat "run" i did in the middle of august so no big surprise, to this add all the DBD ones and well easily a LOT of trophies!


Sooo, i'm not gonna write down every single game i did or it will take more time to post up images and stuff than anything, in DBD, i just did a lot of torphies here and there, i'm now trying to boryingly working on the survivor ones (I don't like playing it) whenever i'll find a Killer not playing or an amazing team for the Hemophobia Trophy then i'll really get into it and the grind to plat it. Same with the DLCs, some are plenty stupid, it's great not being able to do the Mickey trophy because pricks DCs or Hide in locker until the End game timer too, totally skill based trophy.... 

Anyway, another game i did some progress on is Immortal rednceck! I'm doing some random runs getting stronger and new Favours to have more variety, i magnage to always get to the final boss of the first pyramid now but never actually win against it, i guess time and more "level ups" will be of help!

For F122, yeah i completed the F2 career and basically stopped later i shoudl really get back into it, i got kinda bored by how sadly easy it is to win evry race, unless i didn't select the uber easy difficulty and don't remember, i should check.

Ah and i Actually Started playing Citites skyline properly! BEing enjoying it a LOT so far, reached today the Big city status and i'm pretty happy with it despite having a lot of troubles still, i have to figure out and the heck to make the airport work...


Talking about 3 Games i actually played this last week: 




Rainbow Six! I mean i guess i didn't really played it a Lot just 4-5 games to get back into it because i actually wanna play it again sometimes especially on weekends! I Had like 2-3 games that went poorly both from me and my team, which i guess it's normal, abd games happen and i had to get back into it plus i don't know like half of the power of the operators now, so many new ones. Anyway i amnaged to get 2 Trophies, the 100 kill one actually was a really great round too, i'll leave here the Gif of it!





So Yeah not much but i wanna get back into it and get more torphies! Don't know if the plat is possible with so many randoms trophies (Like 10 Claymore, really? Such luck) but i'll try slowly.




Yeah, after 6 Long years (even 7-8 i think since i bought it i can't even remember) i actually Started HN Re Birth 2! This is a game that for a LONG time is in my backlog and plans and on my list at 1% trophies so i finally decided to both get back into this and playing on my vita and i have to say it's pretty nice getting to bed and playing this game for an hour, it reminds me also why i love playing JRPGs since it's been a while since Atelier :P I Am basically OP honetsly, the DLC sword they give to you it's so broken that Nepgear one shots every normla enemy and 1-2 Skills kill every boss so far, not that i mind, i'm enjoying the story easily this way without losing 20 minutes in a single dungeon xD 

Currently i'm well in chapter 2 don't know how much into it but i'm gonna go to Lowee to find Rom & Ram later, i'm curious to see how it will go!


I won't be posting many images/Screenshots for this one being on Vita it's not that hard but i have to connect and everything, i don't feel like it :P 




And at the end, obviously always Genshin, actually it's my most played game in the last 2 weeks :P With the New 3.0 update Sumeru came into the game and boy i'm having a lot more fun than i expected with it! I Love the new area and characters and the story so far looks promising, didn't expect to get so much into it! Yesterday i found all the Dendroculus i could so far (87 currently) with the missing one being locked in areas i have to go further into the Main or side stories to unlock and get the missing ones. 

I even Cleared all the Events, i'm on pace with the Fayz Potion too so this time i'm actually keeping a steady rhytm and i'm happy for that, i didn't liked how i reduced myself to the alst 5 days for the Summer one, i don't wanna do everything at the last moment again, it served as a lesson! 

Story wise i'm not much far into it, 35% according to the Ps5 and this is of the Act 1 so gonna try and going further this week, still i met Nilou, i really want her :3


I'm just gonna end leaving and commenting here some Images about my Adventure in Sumeru so far :wub:





First statue of the Seven in Sumeru!




Boy she's gorgeous, i didn't ecpect to like her this much in game but i want her even if she's a Niche Sub Dps! 




Sumeru form one of the Highest PoV from the City, it's surpringly Big! And my New team too it's visible, this is my currently Free Roaming and Story team, i finally use Klee :P 




Got Collei From the Event so happy they gave one to us since i wanted it but not cared for the last banners :3 Currently raising her, Level 50 A3!




Got Dori from this Banner, 2 of her actually i have her C1, it's not a Character i'm really interested in, still not bad i'll work on her whenever i can i guess (Mostly because ugh those plants to farm) 




Got the best girl once more :3 I "Missed" her on the last Rerun because well, i went for her weapon xD This time i went for her! One was assured being at pity 70 with 50/50 lost before but Another one! Got a second one in 30 Wish! This is the first time i got such a Low pity on the Event banner, never got so low inb more than 1 years, the lowest was 50 once than always 60+, so happy when i saw it and it was even another Kokomi :3

Now my Girls is C4 and boy it's fast attacking and charging her burst it's Amazing! And i got to save a lot of primos too for Nilou (Otherwise i would try more Kokomi), can't wait to have my Team with Nilou Kokomi and Kusunali :wub:


Well, that's all for this week, hopefully, next week i'll be here with another one and new screenshots :P 


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2 more weeks since last time! I can't really make it weekly xD This time more than my laziness i actually had 2 pretty busy weeks so here i am now with a chill weekend to write down a bit!


- Current Completion %: 74,78% (Previous Month: 74.71% -  + 0.07%); Not Much, especially in 14 days but i was super into Genshin story last week so basically i got a couple of trophie in HN and that was it, a bit more with Cities Skyline this week, still not a lot.

- Unearned Trophies: 4079 (Previous Month: 4094 - - 15 Trophies); I actually got more than i thought, i expected like 10, not a lot but gettin some and closing the gap to 4k

- Trophies Earned:  12522 (Previous Month: 12504 - + 18 Trophies); Either i wrote down wrong this or the Unearned trophy i can't have gotten 16 Trophies but the uneraned are only 15 it should be the same! Ah, i Guess the 3 Plazas Trophy for Cities Skyline went out last week, that's it, then! 


As for what i played, well basically just 3 Games honestly :P 




It's been like 10 days that i'm REALLY into Cities Skyline, it's nice and interesting, i love watchign the city grow and try to make it bigger and better even if it always has a ton of troubles, plus being a relaxing not big attention kinda game i can have some stream or Video has a background to listen without any trouble. I'm currently checking some nice guides too since a lot of stuff either i don't properly understand or didn't plan them well. Still i have a decent city up to 35k populaiton so far, hope it keeps growing, the Firts one i did and had to get rid of in the end sadly got in the Red economy wise and i couldn't recover at all. A Huge part was me not understanding how the airport worked, i got it later and it's waaaay better now indeed as showned by the Trophies i got it too for it!

Not much to say, guess i should take a screenshot of my entire city next time, but for now here is my last torphy in it, a pretty easy one!







Here is where i got most of my progress both Trophy and game wise i would say! I'm having a great time in Re Birth 2 honetsly it's making me wanting to get the 3Rd one on Vita because i'm enjoying playing it there and i wanna continue the series and playing my Vita too :P 


Anyway i left half way through Chapter 2 now i'm at the beginning of Chapter 5! I wont' say anything spoilery about the story but i'm reaching the "end" of it even if still quite a lot is left obviously! I'm really liking the story nothing stellar or amazing per se, still it's a nice one, i'm enjoying my time with the Sisters it's great knwoing their story how they met and got to know eahc otehr since up until now i saw them in the Spin off where there isn't any background about them obviously. I'm at not many hours i would say, like 11-12 in game hours, not that many for being at this point i think but that's because i'm Ultra carried by the DCL weapon and the Exp boost xD

I Have Nepgear that by herself handles every enemy or boss and the team bascially 10 to 20 levels above where it should be when i got Uni she was Level 40 my team level 55 :awesome: 


Anyway, i'm curious to see how it wil go, after some more story the grindy part will come so i'll see about that, i'll probably play even watching stuff on the Pc and not only properly at night. First thing is getting rid of the Awful ending that i don't even wanna bother watching.


Anyway i actually got some screenshots here and there this time! 

BOY i didn't expect to run into troubles with the Assistant Manager for the Vita! Had to find a new "online" version of it becaus eof stupid drivers that won't install the original one -_- Thanks god for this program! 


There are some HEAVY STORY SPOILER IN THE IMAGES, so check them out knowing this.







Best Character Nyu :3 I absolutely Love Broccoli, she's Amazing! She's gonna be in my Team in every game she is in, i hope she is in the 3rd one :3 










Some Story Images, the Concert in Chapter 2 was great, then Having all the Oracles togheter and Histoire's Talk wwas very touching, same as the Reunion of Nepgear with her Sister :3 

Thanks god i play in Japanese, it's way more impactufl hearing Onee chan while crying, come on it's her Sister obviously she won't say "Neptune Neptune" -_- 




And for Last obviously, as usual, Genshin!

I actually did most of it last week, this week i did the current event and the Daily grind and that's it, i'm really Lazy in it when it comes to doing the Side quest and Stories, i still have Yela, Kazuha and Tighinari Stories to do plus a Ton of Side quest in Inazuma and Sumeru and the Main Secondary quest too.


Anyway aside from remaining stuff i Enjoyed the End of the story so far! Apparently i was at 35% overall not of Act 1 xD I Finished the Act one and got into the 2nd one right away and BOY it was a ton of fun and really interesting to play, it just covers and argument and them i simply love in every Media and so it being in Genshin, Perfection! I bascially did all Act 2 in 2 Days because i was so much into it to knwo what was going on :P Seriously this is so far the best Story in the game for me, best Act for sure! 

Sadly Act 3 doesn't look as intriguing being in the desert and with no Kusunali involved, eh let's see after the First part that caught me by bg surprise who knows! 


The New update will drop this next Wednesday so i really ahve to get back and Finish Sumeru with the Big secondary quest and then dive more into the story for sure! Plus i should go and start farming for Nilou ^_^ I don't care for Cyno this next banner, sad that Candace mostly and Kuki too are on this banner since i wanted them, especially Candace, still they'll be back being 4 star! 

Instead for Niulou i'm simply waiting :3 I Love her desing and liked her more than expected in the Story (And i really hope in the 3Rd part she'll be into it again too!) so i 100% want her and her weapon too! (Despite being terrible desing wise for her) I dont' care if she's niche or not super strong, i eman i ahve Kokomi and Yae that aren't considered "Meta" so who cares :P 


Here i leave a Few Screenshot, here too THERE ARE BIG STORY SPOILERS ABOUT SUMERU, so check them out knowing this.





End of the Sorty so far, i really love the Name they choosed for this Chapter and it fits really well once you finish it!




HERE SHE IS! Kusunali, can't wait to play her, she's adorable i want more of her in the story :3




This part was so incredible i was stunned by how amaizng it was, and we even get a thinking mini-game that is really cool and more of the Main Character talking which is great, she has a great Voice and seeyu i'm always kinda sad to not hear her as much, hope we see more of this :wub:




I'm so happy to see the Main Characetr getting more confident and strong as the story goes actually growing up constantly :3 If only they gave her an actual Sword instead of the Dull blade in the Videos it would be better xD They really should make a Sword for the Travler in a Dedicated Event actually!


That's all for this last 2 weeks! Let's see if it takes 2 more or less to be back here :P I guess with the upcoming update i'll be bakc a lot into Genshin so i don't knwo how many trophies i'll get or do we'll see about it! 

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