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Complete History of Witchcraft trophy (Baba Yaga DLC) is glitched

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The trophy for collecting all documents at the Baba Yaga DLC is glitched. I collected all of them, nothing happended...its suggested to make an alternate save file before collecting the last one, so, you can reload your save in case it wont show up... and Fuck you SquareEnix, this game is out nearly one year already, still it doesnt work properly... always the same with them...

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I just collected a complete different document in a complete different era of the main game and then suddenly, the trophy popped up... guess the other collectible forced the game to "check on" my overall collectibles and then, it "noticed" finally that I have them all... still, I would do a backup save, just to get sure... do a manual one, forget the automatic back up save

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