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Hello ladies and gents,

I got a PS4 couple weeks ago, I have been discovering some games, and I'm amazed and glad that I choose that console.

The Last Of Us is my favorite game so far, I also started on a Batman title, since I'm obsessed with Gotham TV series.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself, as you can see in the topic, these 3 words describe my interests, if you are interested

in playing together feel free to add me. Battlefield 1 is the next game I'm getting, I'm a history nerd (Revolutionary War, Civil War, American Frontier, WW I and II) also so I'm excited about WW I game. See you guys online.


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Welcome to PSNP!


How do you like BF1? I played Hardline and I couldn't get into it.. I bought 4, never played it lol. Just my experience from Hardline, I'm like eh. I mainly play COD so I'm assuming you can see why it's not my forte.


Anyways~! I hope you have a wonderful time here~! ^_^

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