Expedition Color Cards explained?

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After finishing 100% of the story, I started playing the other modes. I DONT UNDERSTAND WELL how the cards work in terms of color: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black and Blue.


Seems Gold cards and permanent, but please can someone explain me what are the differences of the Black and Blue cards???


Even if the game came out 1 year ago, I cant find anything on the net to explain that and my digital version does not have a digital manual or something to explain it.


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Hi everyone, I am writing here since I am looking for explanations too before going deep into Score Attacks and DLC Endurance solo and Coop. 

  1. How do we know a card can be used several times or not? (It seems it can only takes 2 values: 1 or +infinity)
  2. Some cards can be sold, others not. Is there a link with the number of use? (see question 1)
  3. Does someone see the difference of colors between black, gold, brown, blue, etc. 

Thank for anything which can help!


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