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Titanfall 2 trophies


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With only couple of days to go, I still have not seen any trophy / achievement list yet. Does anyone have a leaked list or rumored sub list. I'm just curious of what I can expect. 

I was thinking the same thing, there are reviews of the game out already and not one glimpse of a trophy list. Im hoping it is a little more doable than the 1st since it was all MP last time.

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Wow.... they really did a Trophy for the training parcour leaderboard. When I played the Alpha, my first thought was, that the hardest trophy in the game might be awarded for beating the top score on those leaderboards. Although it ended up to be "only" top 3 and not the number 1, its still gonna be the hardest trophy by far.


The online trophies on the other hand are ridiculously easy. Im really dissapointed. Dont get me wrong: Its okay, that they are easier compared to the first game and I also expected a lot of singleplayer stuff. But this is primarily a multiplayer game and all they came up with is "Win a match", "Join a Network" and "Customize your Loadout"? Seriously? Trophies like these are the most retarded online trophies you could possibly create. Honestly, imagine the servers shut down one day and your locked out of the platinum, only because you cant open the multiplayer menu and customize your loadout lol They better should have skipped MP trophies entirely, instead of throwing in these 3 cheap and unnecassary ones imho

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