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Trip to tokyo


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Hi guys,

i travel next week to tokyo and i have some question.

Are they maybe some not famous games shop that i need to see.


and is there maybe a place where you can buy cheap/rent vita games. Because i found out that there are many very short easy platin games. IN germany they are very expensive and hard to get. 


Or maybe is someone living there and would lend me 1-2 games

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I'm so jealous~! I personally don't know anywhere that would sell cheap vita games ): But definitely if you can't read Japanese, I recommend doing research and finding what games you want and if so, if they have a walk through guide. There's a lot of Japanese games I've picked up.. I own about 6 if I'm not mistaken. They should be a lot cheaper down there compared to here just because you need to go through the whole importing process, shipping across seas, fun stuff.. but visual novels are things you should get if you want easy platinums.. If you want games that are actually worth it, the rhytm games such as IA/VT & Taiko Drum Master are really fun games and easy to navigate once you get used to where everything is.

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Get off at Akihabara station (Tokyo M), first store you see is "Yodobashi-Camera" which is an electonics department store. They have plenty of stuff. If you don't find what you're looking for, there's a few Game stores on the main road that crosses Akihabara too.


You also might find some around Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ginza too albeit a lot less.


Source: Personal experience  :awesome:

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