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Platinum Obtainable Offline?

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With botzone how many trophies are obtainable offline? do I have to do the multiplayer for some trophies


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Botzone is still considered online, no? Just not against other people, but IIRC, you still gotta be online to consider the stat tracking. I remember that 2 or so trophies are very rare in botzone, one of them being for interrogation. Quite sure there was already a thread for that here, lemme check.

You can't get the "Well-rounded" trophy as warzone is not playable in botzone. Someone mentioned that these matches do not count towards the "centurion" trophy either so that makes two more mp trophies that are not accessible through this mode. I played about six or seven matches last night and none of the bots were using the M2 so that makes "spangled" a likely non-attainable trophy in this mode as well.
So to recap:
These trophies still require online to attain.


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