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Less than 5 minute trophy

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I don't have this game, but it appears a handful of people have earned that trophy. Which system are you using to play? It could be a system specific glitch, or uninstalling and reinstalling the game may work. I'm considering buying this game at some point so it's good to know there are potentially glitched trophies.

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I ended up buying the ps4 digital version when it was on sale, US store. I beat something in under 5 turns really early on to test this, and got the "don't cross the streams" trophy instead. I'm absolutely positive I haven't been in a deficit or near death over 20 times as I haven't even fought 20 battles. Since psn shows people earn this trophy, as does psn profiles, perhaps the name of the trophy itself is just wrong, and when you clear the conditions for "don't cross the streams" you'll get the under five minutes trophy?

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I asked some people who got it and they said it unlocked when they beat a ghost in exactly one turn. I tried it and confirmed, that will unlock this trophy. Looks like I found out Don't Cross the Streams is glitched in a good way in the process.


i found a good way to get a one turn one hit kill is to find a small map, low difficulty mission with x's near your characters' starting points, then keep starting and quiting that mission until the random number generator works in your favor and puts the ghost close enough to your characters to reach in one turn.

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