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Trophy List Thoughts


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So FINALLY this game is getting released! I've been looking forward to this since the announce trailer waaaaaay back in December 2014, though I think I saw it in April 2015, but whatevs. Now looking at the trophy list, there's at least 10 multiplayer trophies, at most 15, 12 collectible trophies (presumably 1 for each mission, based on the descriptions), and a few miscellaneous trophies. Seems like a pretty grindy trophy list for a game that is pretty much a big ol' FPS gorefest like the DOOM games.


I'm definitely getting this game, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford it since this is the holiday season. KF2 comes out on the 18th for $39.99, same day as Pokemon Sun & Moon, the new Metallica album and Lamb of God's new album on that day alone, as well as all the good stuff on sale for Black Friday. Otherwise it would be a Day 1 buy for me. Who else is getting this game?

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I've been looking forward to it since I've first got wind of it being released on ps4 sometime in the future. I've played the beta to death and it's really a great experience as well as a challenge (unless you play solo and are vastly over-levelled). Anyhow, I'm not so sure about the price, it's 35£ here and I'm not certain if I want it that bad. I mean that's cheaper than a lot of game pre-orders, but it's mostly an multilplayer/co-op game, but that's just my opinion. I'll definitely get it someday. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the trophy list, it's rather "easy" compared to the steam achievements, though beating it on higher difficulties surely is going to be quite of a challenge.

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The trophy list looks relatively simple but I'm not sure on how difficult the difficulty related trophies are. Anyone have any knowledge on the difficulty related trophies? I've only seen brief gameplay and it does remind me a lot of Doom.


The only real difference between playing it on normal and playing on Hard, suicidal or hell on earth is that you die a lot quicker and there's more zeds that spawn per rounds. There's less pick ups (such as ammo) and you earn less dosh per wave too.


It's still good that you only have to complete one match on hell is earth rather than having to do them all because if you don't have a team that can pull their weight then you're DOA.

The trophy list seems easy enough and it's good that this was released on steam a year and a bit back so there is already collectable guides. Here's hoping for some dlc in the future it's too good of a game to let an easy trophy list ruin it. 


Also does anyone know if beta progress carry's over or do you have to start from scratch?

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