How to Boost Online FUT Draft! Quick Guide

By Mister_Ericsson in FIFA 16,
i just boosted the thophie "The Invincibles" and here is a quick guide how i and my friend made it.   Create 7 new PSN accounts, go in FIFA and create a new EA account. Now you have 8 acounts. Your Partner has to do the same.   While you dont get any freetoken anymore (maybe one) you have to get some coins. Just go to a game currency Site like "mmoga" and transfer 30000 coins to every account. I recommend "player action", fast and easy.  So you will need 2 x 100000 coins, more or less. Its not that expensive.   Then get a paper and write down a tournament tree with 16 players/accounts. Make sure your Primary Account will get to the end. Remenber, you cant play two times against the same account, therefore the 16 accounts.    In game, score a goal and the pretended loser can quit after 10 minutes.    Dont transfer 100000 coins to one account, you might get banned by ea ;-).     Hope this helps.   Best Regards, Mr. Ericsson
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