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Last Battle Glitched?...


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At the end, full stealth no kills and I'm choking the doppelgangers. Apparently there's 10, but only found 6. Can't find any more. Anyone else stuck here?


EDIT: You can kill the doppelganger in the chair and still get no kill stealth trophy

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There are only 6 doppelgangers and you can kill them all and still have stealth. Five are part of the groups of statues, left balcony, right balcony, left front, right front and above the throne to the right. The 6th one is on the throne.


I kept my distance, staying above the steps, and killed them all with the crossbow, while they were statues. Aim slightly above their heads to kill them with one head shot. I don't know if it makes any difference but I killed the one on the throne last.


Sleep darts don't work.


You can make a save after each kill and reload if you mess up.


Once Delilah appears use stealth and maybe dark vision to choke her.

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You could just take out the real one.

Right after entering the painting you can turn right and move around the mountain side. Look for ledges, you can climb up (even without powers). Once at the top you'll be right behind the real one. Just choke her out and take her outside of the painting (provided you did the whole ritual thing). You can just kill her there on your high chaos run too.

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