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Trophy TimeStamps


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So any new games i get and play offline without going online won't be time stamped for trophies?

As long as the system has ever been connected to the internet and synced with PSN then it will have the correct timestamp. The only time this won't be true is if the internal battery of your PS3 has died. Those things last a long time though, so you're probably safe.

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So if i went and bought a new game and didn't go online when i bought ut and played it offline and got a few trophies and went online to update my profile, the new trophies would be timestamped?

Sorry, it's just really confusing me


It doesn't matter if you haven't previously played the game on the console before. As long as you have previously connected the console to the internet, then it has verified that the date & time set is legit and all trophies earned either offline or online will have timestamps.

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