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Custom Training Coming in Next Update


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For quite some time now the core console player base for the Rocket League community has been pretty upset that there was no real way to practice any complicated/advanced shots/saves outside of going into an online game and scraping up any experience you could from losing against people who are flat-out better than you, which lets be honest, isn't anyone's idea of fun.


To add insult to injury, the PC player base - because PC supports modding and consoles have not up until extremely recently - has had an option to download extremely tricky saves and shots they could practice off of, and has pretty much held that above the console players, leading to a large number of people shutting off cross network play because either "Console players aren't generally as good (because they don't have the training advantage we do)" or "PC players are way too crazy, I can't keep up".


However, apparently Psyonix has heard this argument and even though I have no idea how long this has been in the works or how they even pulled this off, but now consoles will have customization options in training. This means that instead of only having Rookie/Pro/All-Star, you can now practice shots and saves from "My Grandmother Could Have Scored That", all the way to "How on Gods Green Earth is that Even Possible".


http://www.rocketleaguegame.com/news/customize-your-training-soon/  There's the link so you can read up on the official notes for yourselves.


If you want to know exactly what this will look like in action, and get a small understanding of what you can practice using this, you can watch this video:



Personally, I'm very happy about this update. On console it's very easy to "plateau" in your skill if you aren't constantly playing ranked matches, this will just make it so much easier to practice without wanting to rip your hair out, or maybe even just find some crazy insane shots and test your grit to see if you can save them.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? 

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Rocket League Trainer is extremely overrated. I've been a champion since Season 2, played in several tournaments and taught myself every advanced skill from airdribbling to accurate powershots on console. I've tried the trainer on PC but there is nothing compared to setting yourself up in freeplay. This doesn't only help you with whatever you're practicing, it also enhances your ball and car control tremendously. 


The reason people disable crossplay and the reason playing on PC is an advantage has nothing to do with that. The significantly better framerate, lack of input lag and ability to adjust your deadzones on your controller give you the edge on PC but all that won't matter if you don't have the discipline to improve. 

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Yeah... I kinda don't want to utilize more than a few brain cells when playing with digital rocket cars.


Sorry, I know this is useful to the hardcore players, I can see it being useful (I'll check it out for sure) but I don't see how this will make up for the chaotic-practice of online matches.


Trial by fire.

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