How to level up fast in DriveClub VR?

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The leveling system is the same. So the strategies that worked on the base game will work here too:

driveclub level up fast


Also check your accolades, reaching new accolades gives you more XP. 

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about level up in DriveClubVR today i have won a 2 races championship, i have won those 2 races, and got all the medals, but I was very surprised that my player level received absolutely zero points from those 2 races, it's the first time it happen to me after 10 hours of playing on this game


is it possible? or was it a bug?


it scares me a little, if I finally manage to have the 2 online challenges trophy soon, I think I will try to have this platinum as soon as possible before server closure


in worst case it will just be an other game that I will have to hide to keep my 100% ratio ahaha


and thanks for the link Berenwulf, in few words: Time Trial - Tamil Nadu 01 in India. Car - Ferrari 430 Scuderia, And drift drift drift to infinity and beyond :)

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i have found an other way to earn xp faster, especially if your last trophy to earn is the lvl60 trophy, in other case it's better to not try that


first copy your save on psn+ or usb stick, then delete it from ps4 system

restart the game

you will notice that you lvl player is still ok (you don't begin from lvl 0 again)

but the advantage is that you will earn more xp  if you try to again earn all the gold medals

can repeat that each time you earn all the gold medals



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