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Werewolf Mastered bugged?


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I have been working on this trophy for the last few days, finally got my last perk, waited for the trophy to appear, but nothing happened. Anyone have the same issue with this and a way to get it to work?  I've looked elsewhere for info but most were based on Steam and their mods.

lol, nevermind, not sure why, but it worked when I reloaded the save a few times, fed on the last humans I needed for the perk, entered a door, clicked on all of the perks I already unlocked then unlocked the last perk.  Not sure if it was one or all of those things, but it worked.

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Yeah, I had all four of the Bestial Strength Perks unlocked before, it was one of the totems that had the issue.  Just glad it worked out; hate to have to start another game just to get one trophy to get a 100% clear on this game.

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