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One shot

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Hi folks


Since there seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding this trophy so I thought I'd let you know about my progress:


1. There have been ppl stating that quiting the game and loading up your save will prevent you from obtaining this trophy as the Drifter wakes up with the same animation the game would show to you if you died. That is not correct, i.e. feel free to exploit save files to prevent you from having to start a new run every time you die.


2. There have been ppl claiming that they have simply closed the game upon dying and the trophy still popped for them in the end. This, I cannot confirm.


3. Do not attempt to start working towards this as long as you're not comfortable that you will at the very least be able to clear one area without dying. Just save yourself the trouble and play through NG+ first.


4. Do go to Youtube and watch some vids titled sth like "Final Boss no hits taken NG+" and look what those guys do. While the game is not a Beat'em'Up with myriads of combos, chances are you're not using the Drifter's move to their full potential. I know I hadn't, and I had already finished NG+ without too many problems. Watching others has helped me become much better esp when it came to dealing more damage in a short amount of time/turning enemy attacks into attacks of your own.


I feel like I forget some things... Welp, anyways, I hope this helps a little and I'll check in every now and then to see if there are any questions.


Greets ;)


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For the contender trophy, do you have to only beat ten levels each to unlock the secret one? I found out.

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