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Oblivion Walker still bugged?


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I couldn't find anything elsewhere.
I was just wondering: is the trophy Oblivion Walker still bugged with the one not counting? Dawnstar is pre-installed ...
Also: if it is still bugged, then does the glitch with getting 2 artifacts in 1 quest (Ill met by moonlight) still work?
Thanks in advance!

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From what I understand the Dawnguard add-on glitches the Masque of Clavicus Vile to not count as a daedric artifact.


This forces you to do the I'll Be Met By Moonlight glitch to get both the Ring of Hircine (first) then the Savior's Hide (second).


I meant to get the Masque as my first daedric artifact to see if Daedric Influence popped to verify 100% but I forgot and screwed that up. I can vouch for the fact that Hircine + Saviors Hide + the other 13 artifacts did net me the Oblivion Walker achievement and I still have Daedra's Best Friend in my quest log.


As a safeguard make sure you do the Moonlight glitch because I do know on the PS3 with Dawnguard installed simply getting the 15 artifacts was not enough.....

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I got the Oblivion Walker trophy a few days ago and nothing glitched. 


I only picked up the Savior's hide (not the Ring) and when a got to my 15th artifact, the trophy popped:)


I don't know if this helped in any case but as soon as i got the messengers to start the Dawnguard quests, well i did them. (mostly to prevent the attacks on my NPCs)

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