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Thoughts? Trophies look very Time Consuming


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Trophies Seem really Time Consuming if your thinking about playing this Solo, You definitely need a Group/Clan to knock some of these out of the way


Maximum Survivor, artifact archaeologist & Veteran Paleontologist Seem pretty hard from playing on PC

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Pretty easy if playing on the single player mode, depending if admin commands disable trophies or not.  Even with all the in game sliders though, you can make it pretty easy and way less time consuming.


Played on X1 on an official PVE server and achieved all of that in my time playing.  Curious about dossier entries though as you used to get them when you tamed a dinosaur but I believe they are changing it up so you collect them like explorer notes.


We're probably either going to run our own dedicated server or find one, we've done that materials grind once to build a base - having the boosted gather stats is a godsend.  Surprised to see there isn't a trophy for taming the Titanosaur but Giga can be time consuming too because of the kibble chain (and no one in their right mind would meat tame) The Quetz eggs and resources alone take some time to gather (unless they haven't fixed the Quetz egg glitch at 50:50, lol)


I think in a way the list might look deceptively easy for a new player ;)


No trophies for Scorched Earth though which I'm sad to see, as this is a solid expansion.  Those Ultimate Life Forms are no joke though - I remember people on our server trying to take on the Broodmother (before the two other lifeforms were released)  It was always a group effort and even with multiple Quetzals (before they were nerfed) Argies, Rexes and Spinos, shit was crazy!  Just because of the health regen on her.


Disappointed to see there are no trophies for any of the water tames though - they have one for riding a Rex and Giga, so why not a Mosa?  Also, no trophies related to breeding, would've been cool to have seen a trophy for raising a baby dinosaur to an adult.  

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