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AnywhereVR Trophy List (First VR app with Trophies!)


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Source: https://www.exophase.com/game/anywherevr-ps4/trophies/

As you may never heard about, AnywhereVR was a PSVR app announced at TGS this year. This app is basically a 360 degrees videos gallery. By adding your smartphone, you can play various mini-games and display the smartphone screen within this virtual world without removing the VR headset (no idea if iPhones will work anyway since we see an Xperia only (because it's a Sony product)).

By looking at the trophies, it involves to watch 100 movies (short ones obviously), play mini-games such being a Beekeeper or catching a few fishes (because Japan!). It seems really easy to 100% trophies this gamick useless app despite the fact that you'll obviously need a smartphone for it.

We don't know if it'll be in Japan only but at the same time, the trophies are in English so I believe that it'll come in Western countries someday.

:bronze:Registered Traveler - Watched credits to the end

:bronze:Appointed Traveler - Registered a favorite

:silver:Legendary Fisherman - First legendary fish caught

:bronze:Drifter Fisherman - First flotsam caught

:bronze:Master Fisherman - 20 types of fish caught

:silver:Queen's Beekeeper - Firsr "Queen Bee" captured

:bronze:Challenger Beekeeper - Played Challenge Mode

:bronze:Novice Beekeeper - Played Normal Mode

:bronze:First-Time Traveler - Watched a movie

:gold:Career Traveler - Watched 100 movies

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