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How do you ignore phone calls?


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Just now, BEANO_BRFC said:

Just like the title says, how do you cancel phone calls, im following a step by step guide but yet at the moment i have to cancel calls it doesnt give me the option to.

Which phone call are you talking about? There are some calls you can't ignore. If it's one to decide the next story branch you should be able to back out by pressing :circle: 

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9 minutes ago, BEANO_BRFC said:

its the phone call you receive off amadeus on 1/2, the guide says ignore it but i keep pressing circle but nothing happens, the phone just keeps on ringing until you answer it.

I just skipped to the part in The Orbital Eclipse (directly after the call towards Maho) and if Amadeus calls me I'm able to ignore the phone call. If you opened the smartphone you back out by pressing :circle: and afterwards you have to read the text by pressing :cross: 

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4 minutes ago, BEANO_BRFC said:

il reload my save and try again, failing that il just restart from the beginning.

You know that with the default settings the game creates quick saves at those points? So even if you "fail" to ignore the phone call you can just reload that specific quick save and just continue reading Okabe's lines.

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2 hours ago, ee28max said:

By tapping the "Decline" button? Easy as that! ;)

Depends on what phone you're using though.

I don't think you quite get what his question was about. He was talking about ignoring phone calls in STEINS;GATE 0 :giggle:.

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