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The End? trophy glitch

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Hey Everyone,


I just finished playing Assassin's Creed Chronicle: India, currently I'm going back and working my way through it again obtaining all the trophies. But I seem to have encountered a glitch on the trophy labeled "The End?". Now usually I don't make these types of posts about trophy glitches, because I've never encountered any, and the trophies always pop when I meet the requirements, but it didn't this time.


I finished my first play through just to enjoy the story. After that, I started a New Game Plus on Hard and played through the entire thing with Shadow - Gold rating the entire time. I know this trophy is pretty much the exact same as the "Completionist" trophy from Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, so I played it the same way. I posted my time and scores below so you can see what I'm talking about. I know the time is irrelevant on the score based ones, but I thought I would include it anyways.

Level        Score    Time

  1.        9770    07:19
  2.        7840    09:47
  3.        7930    13:24
  4.              0      7:51
  5.              0      5:39
  6.      11370    12:14
  7.              0    09:08
  8.      10490    11:17
  9.              0    05:32
  10.              0    08:23

For those people who have the trophy already, can you compare your scores and times with mine to see if I did anything wrong? I have checked it and rechecked it with so many other perfect playthroughs on YouTube and I can't seem to find what's wrong. I didn't get a perfect score on normal, so could that be the problem? I've also searched and searched online for people who have also had this problem and I can't find any with it. I have read about glitched trophies a little bit; people said that something that might work is if you upload your save from the system storage to the cloud, delete the system storage save, and then re download it, but that didn't work for me. I went on to complete some of the other trophies to make sure I could still earn them, and I got them without a problem, which is why I think this trophy is not glitched, and I'm just missing something, but I can't figure out what I'm missing.  If you know anything please tell me, and if not, do you know who I might have to contact about a glitched trophy?






So I was finally able to get the trophy. I just had to delete all my saves for it and then delete the application. I then had to redo the entire game on Normal getting the maximum score and fastest time. After I did all that the trophy popped for me. I would delete this post, but I don't know how to. 

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Seems like the reason why the trophy didn't unlock when completing the requirement, is because memory 10 has different time goals in normal and new game plus. Once i beat the time of 8 min on normal the trophy unlocked. (I played trough all levels on normal in order, getting max score and gold time for each of them. So i can't confirm if it's actually the case.)

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CAN CONFIRM. Did my normal run for not usual assassin and cpuld not unlock not usual trophy due to some rando guy i killed in sequence 8 that i never knew i killed. Then i did my plus hard run and not usual popped on sequence 8. Finished he rest of my plus hard run with top scores and times and the end? Didnt pop. I was like wth. My time on sequence 10 was 8:35.  I replayed sequence 10 on plus hard, but this time I slide kill everyone instead of takedown. My time was 7:15. Once the scores screen came on. The end? Popped. 



So if you have trouble with the end? Replay the 10th sequence and slide kill everything. The time is 8:00 not 9:00. You need to beat 9:00 to unlock the skill. But gold time is 8:00 that you need to beat.

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