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Hey everybody, the other thread was getting a bit unorganized and a lot of people kept posting the same thing so I decided to make a list. Now sly can just run through and cross them off as he goes and you can see what's being fixed! Hopefully I didn't miss anything!   Note for trophy checklists: We use a new linking URL arrangement for images on the site, unfortunately you'll have to relink trophy images for your trophy checklist, sorry about that   Status Updates Page: This is the link to the status updates page like it was on the old site until it's linked from the sidebar better, you can also access this at the top of the forums by pressing the Activity tab, then select "My Activity Streams", then "Status Updates"   The Forums: There is no recent topics area in the sidebar or front page Accessing a PSN profile directly from a forum profile Make avatars square again! Double spacing when pressing Enter Bring back BBCode! We can't, it only existed because filtering HTML was unsafe, it isn't anymore Bring back larger avatars, and also support vertical rectangular avatars like the old forums. The status sidebar should ignore when someone posts a status to someone else directly like the old site (A person posting on another persons wall) There should be a link in the sidebar of the forums to view all status updates like the oldd forums You should be able to view the entirety of the status update in the sidebar, either by clicking expand or showing the entire thing Reply to a status update within the sidebar like the old site. More than one status shouldn't show in the sidebar from the same person. Visiting a profile should show their About Me first While creating/editing a post we don't have the ability to convert it to text to see how it is composed (text, tags, links and whatnot) While creating/editing a post it isn't possible anymore to select everything with CTRL+A to save it to a txt (not that it would help, because of point 1). This is a big problem because it made easier to work with big posts like Project Platinums and Check Lists. Choosing a custom color for text using RGB code. Signatures aren't visible while viewing the forums as a guest. Forum profiles should only be visible if you have an account on the website (like the old site) An original forum post is marked as "1 reply" rather than 0 replies on the main forums and the sidebar of a game page on the main site. You used to be able to change your vote in polls after voting on the old site. Display name history bug. If a game title has an accent mark, it cuts the name of the game off in the forums, here are some examples. Is it possible to have game forums under each console again? It is much easier to search through games for a specific console rather than clicking on a letter and having to scroll through PS4, PS3 and Vita games. Can't be done Having the forum editor remember what you previously typed (saving draft posts?) seems to be creating more issues than it actually helps, maybe disable saving of draft posts? It's a gigantic pain for mobile users who can't delete quote blocks easily, etc... This isn't a massive issue at the moment but some people are saying forum leaderboards may be viewed as a competition and may degrade the quality of people's posts as they hunt for likes and maybe forum leaderboards should be turned off, at the very least likes from things like forum games shouldn't be counted in forum leaderboards. PM Messages can no longer be sorted by custom categories anymore, more info here. Forum profile stats break when viewing the page on a certain resolution, more info here. The link to someones PSNProfile doesn't show up when looking at someones reputation or content page, more info here. Bring back the ability for premium members to lock their own threads Ignored forum users used to not be able to comment on your status updates at all, now they can. Bring back the link at the top of threads that would bring you to the first unread post. It would add "?do=getNewComment" to the current page. Bring back notifications saying which status update someone is replying to, also possibly bring back the ability to clear them.  See in Recent Topics on the top right of PSNP/forums showing where the topics were created. Recommendations for using the tab button in the forums   The Main Site: People don't like the way the new milestones are arranged, they miss the old way. Search needs a good bit of work, it's not instant anymore and results aren't always as great as the old site. Too many characters are required to show results for people on the Leaderboards in the search box, users can have three letter names, at least 6 letters are required right now. Profile sorting preferences (Sorting your profile by alphabetical, completion, etc) aren't remembered anymore. On the old site this setting was remembered among all profiles you visited on the site. That bug where the site strips black color from images is still around for avatar images and trophy images on both the old and new trophy cards. Like Han's trophy card here. When on the comment section of a guide, if you make a post, it'll automatically have #1 at the right hand corner instead of the correct number. After refreshing, the correct number will appear, so it is just a minor concern immediately after posting. Games with the default language of Japanese but have English versions of the list use the Japanese version of the lists trophy titles and descriptions for the guide. Examples are the Oreshika and Catherine guides. They used to display as English on the old site.  Leaderboard search requires too many characters to search (there are users with 3 letters to their name) The header area at the top of leaderboard pages and its "sub pages" are displaying the default blurred blue image instead of the top users blurred banner image like other pages The percentages and rarity become misaligned when you win a trophy. People with long names have their names clip behind the trophy level bar on Trophy Card 2. Random examples of this is username "LETHAL_WEAPON_55" and "HELLS_PIT_WRAITH" Names and descriptions in trophy guides used to be of someone's default language setting, now it's always in English If Trophy Card 1 only has only one row, it will always display 3 trophies, whichever setting is configured, like this. Trophy Card 2 isn't animated on Firefox (I remember it having to be static on one browser because the animation wasn't supported?) On mobile, there are usually two ads on the bottom of the screen, one over another, also other issues with mobile ads. Trophies for lists that used to be primarily another language like Japanese not fully translating in places. Trophy Card 2 icon layout for games and trophies seems to mix latest platinums (game thumbnail images) with latest played (trophy images). If a custom trophy card image fails to upload due to the 2MB size restriction, it just says that it failed to upload. It should say something like "This image failed to upload. It must be a standard image format and 2MB or less". Also if a trophy card 2 image fails to upload, it then shows card 1 on the error page instead of card 2. Another OCD thing on the homepage (this is how it looks for premium members on Chrome), I think this was aligned perfectly during the beta. DLC trophy "+" icons show up half a row too high on Safari on Mac, they show up slightly lower than top-left as the trophy image loads in on things like Chrome. They're supposed to be on the top-left of the image like they were on the old site. On the trophy advisor page, if you filter on any type first, and then want to change it back to 'all', it won't do it and stays on the previous selected type. Direction: Ascending is not remembered on the trophy log when advancing to the next page, more info here. When sorting trophies by rarity and then going to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc page it will change the sort order from descending to ascending, more info here.  On trophy advisor, if you try to change the Type from Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze back to "All" it doesn't change - it just stays on whatever setting you're on. Users don't see a live preview of trophy card 1 or 2 when applying/cropping a custom image for themselves. When applying a custom banner image to a profile, it should have the top 60 pixels shaded out (sort of how it looks on my end when cropping a banner image). "In the "sign in" window, enter key doesn't work after i input my password. I would have to use the mouse and click sign in. Enter used to work before, I think" Hiding secret trophies doesn't hide the trophy images (Example game with hidden trophies is Heavy Rain). On the trophy advisor, if you filter by a trophy type and then try to put the trophy type filter back to "All" it doesn't go back to all - more info here. Using Chrome on Android, the stats page has odd effects when interacting with it - more info here. Several stats page bugs and suggestions. The page counter doesn't reset when filtering in the trophy log - more info here.
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