"Missing" Trophies

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Sometimes when I play games like this I cannot imagine how they missed certain obvious choices for trophies. For example:

- Complete all hunts

- Reach level 99

- Defeat post game boss X

- Beat the game on Hard difficulty (assuming there is one after the end)

- Catch all fish

- Get all recipes

- Win all Chocobo Races

- Win 100 matches in the Arena

Logically the only explanation I can think of is that Square-Enix doesn't want to scare away casual players by offering a challenging list. But if that's the case, what's the deal with Star Ocean?


Any other "missing trophies" you can think of?

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Trophies doesn't necessarily always mean they must be difficult or time consuming to get. 


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I'd rather have trophies for stuff most players might accidentally never know that existed in the game, like finding all Chocobo Pears, MA-X Angelus-0, special weapons like the sniper rifle or Nyx's kukris, Scraps of Mystery, all camping events, hard-to-trigger quests like the one that leads to Pitioss or all of Prompto's Photo Op locations. The list goes on.

Seriously, after finishing the game and getting all trophies I'm still discovering more and more cool content, but only because I research it online.

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