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Carrier Easter Egg Grenade Dispenser Tutorial


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When I was doing the Easter Egg for Carrier I believe a lot of the tutorials did not explain how to do the "Grenade Disposal Machine" very well so I have made a tutorial on how to do this step of the Easter Egg with ease. Below is a quick text guide on how to do the step.

1. Purchase Teleportation Grenades off the wall and go to where "Chompy" is located. Activate "Chompy" and use the Teleportation Grenade to teleport behind the door then activate the generator.

2. Go to the "Grenade Disposal Machine" and throw a Teleportation Grenade into the slot then purchase Contact Grenades off the wall.

3. Look at the symbol on the top left of the machine where it will be rotating the symbols between Nano, Distraction Drone, Explosive and Frag. Once the correct symbol appears throw the Contact Grenade into the machine and repeat until you have entered the correct symbol code (codes for each row are below). 

Teleportation Grenade

Row 1 - Distraction Drone & Frag

Teleportation Grenade

Row 2 - Explosive, Distraction Drone, Explosive & Frag

Teleportation Grenade

Row 3 - Explosive, Nano, Explosive, Distraction Drone, Explosive & Frag


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