Breach mode is terribly bad and boring!

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Just started Breach mode a while after getting all other story trophies and all I can say is this mode is the worst thing I have experienced in video games in a long time!


You do the same thing over and over in 90% of the "servers" without any purpose: start the level, collect the data, escape before the time ends, repeat the whole process if you failed!


And let us not talk about the awful "cubic"  graphics and the fact that the screen turns red when you try to reach the escape point making the scene more ugly than before!


It's clearly that greedy Square Enix pit this mode to squeeze more money from players who are willing to buy packages to boost their score/performance, just like they did in Rise od The Tomb Raider, and unlike the praxis kits in the camping that have no effects if you don't buy them, the packages in this mode have a huge effect on your performance (I know all levels are doable without them, but they are far easier with special ammo and boosters).


So after DLCs, season passes and other crappy strategies SE has invented something new: a pay to win mini game inside a single player game!


I have played the main campaign 3 times and never got bored for a single moment, but this mode feels like a job to do: boring, repetitive, ugly-looking and most important pay to win/progress. 


Now I have to finish Tier 2 and 3 to get the platinum, more work and boredom, thank you Eidos and SE for ruining my experience!

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