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And a few more...!


'Crysis' series;


'Don't Starve' series;


'Elder Scrolls' series;


'Killing Floor' series;


'Max Payne' series;


'Modnation Racers' series;


'Outlast' series;


'Parappa the Rapper' series;


'Skate' series;

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Parappa series added

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Here's the Touhou Project series:不思議の幻想郷-the-tower-of-desire東方紅舞闘v東方紅舞闘vダブルフォーカス-文と椛の弾丸取材紀行-playstationvita-edition舞華蒼魔鏡まりさとアリスのトラップタワー不思議の幻想郷tod-reloaded不可思議的幻想鄉tod-reloadedヨイヤミドリーマー東方幻想魔録w東方蒼神縁起v永远消失的幻想乡不思議の幻想郷-ロータスラビリンス


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Spirit Hunter series

Experience Inc. calls it their「心霊ホラーシリーズ」(spirit horror series), the US publisher Aksys has taken to call it “Spirit Hunter series” in English.
(死印/Death Mark is the 1st game in the series)
(NG is the 2nd game in the series)


(...shamelessly hoping to be able to list the 3rd in 2021 ( ̄▽ ̄) )





[put into a new post to save the fruit a headache]

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1st typo (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́) + 2nd Fatamoru + 3rd

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And even more suggestions (sorry!)...


‘Aliens’ series;


‘Arkedo’ series;


’Bionic Commando’ series;


’Homefront’ series;


’Katamari’ series;

‘Minecraft’ series;


’Naughty Bear’ series;


’Predator’ series;

‘Saw’ series;


‘Sherlock Holmes’ series;

‘Silent Hill’ series;


’The Surge’ series;


’Syberia’ series;


’Terminator’ series;


’Under Night In-Birth Exe’ series;

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Unfortunately the first Skylanders game should probably be added under the spin-off section in the ‘Spyro’ series (, while the Skylanders games will need a series of their own.


There also doesn’t appear to be a Dynasty Warriors series yet, but someone with more knowledge of the games than me would have to weigh in as to whether it would make more sense to split them down into a number of separate series instead of one overall series?


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This list is down as China, when it's actually generic Asia:


Both of these lists are shared PS3, PS4 and Vita:


I don't know which regions they are, though.



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Me again..!


'Angry Birds' series;


'Burnout' series;


'Dark Cloud' series;


'de Blob' series;


'Destroy All Humans!' series;


'Dragon Fantasy' series;


'Dragon's Dogma' series;


'Dragon's Lair' series;


'The Escapists' series;


'Harvest Moon' series;


'The House of the Dead' series;


'The King of Fighters' series;


'Metal Slug' series;


'Monster Hunter' series;


'Monster World' (or 'Wonder Boy') series;


'Risen' series;


'Star Trek' series;


'Twisted Metal' series;



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I'm just going to keep going until @BlindMango physically restrains me...


'Ace Combat' series;


'Adventure Time' series;


'Baldur's Gate' series;


'Blood Dragon' series;


'Bridge Constructor' series;


'Disney Infinity' series;


'Disney Sing It' series;


'Double Dragon' series;


'Echochrome' series;


'GO' series;


'Invizimals' series;


'No Heroes Allowed!' series;


'Portal' series;


'Puyo Puyo' series;


'Scribblenauts' series;


'Shovel Knight' series;


'Star Wars' (overall) series (in chronological order);


'Tetris' series;


Also, whilst an overall 'LEGO' series has been set up, it might make sense to also break it down into a number of additional directly-related series?;

'LEGO DC' series;

'LEGO Harry Potter' series;

'LEGO Marvel' series;

'LEGO Middle Earth' series;

'LEGO Movie' series;

'LEGO Ninjago' series;

'LEGO Star Wars' series;


Also, can i make the following suggestions to series that are already set up?


- Add to the Ninja Gaiden series?

- Add as a spin-off to the Final Fantasy series?

- Add to the Hitman series as part of the same stage as Hitman 2?

- Potentially change the 'Dark Souls' series to just 'Souls' and add the following as the first stage in the series?

- Move Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue to its own stage before Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the Tekken series?

- Move Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon to its own stage after Far Cry 3 in the Far Cry series?





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10 hours ago, dalailama1989 said:

Bumping myself a bit :)

Now it is even proberly visible with the VR tag


I'm thinking the trophy list and game itself it too different to be considered just a different region or platform of L.A. Noire (Even though it has the same game title) - basically it's not the full blown game, trophies aren't the same, doesn't have all the cases, no fully explorable open world, doesn't include the DLC, etc. Sometimes exceptions are made if it's the same exact game but differing trophies, but this one is just a different experience from L.A. Noire


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On 31/10/2019 at 7:24 PM, mattman0702 said:


considering matt has done a load i hadn't got round to posting yet, should've checked here before spending time organising them :shakefist: i'll post the rest now.


aces of the Luftwaffe

air conflicts

ape escape

armored core



cartoon network

castlevania (needs adding to the series)悪魔城ドラキュラコレクション

citizens of

crash time

demon gaze

diablo (stack)

DJ hero


Dr who

dungeon defenders

dynasty warriors

epic mickey (stack)

hasbro family game night

flame over (stack)


gnomes garden

god wars

guitar hero

guns, gore and cannoli

heavy fire

holy potatoes

how to survive

how to train your dragon

Joe danger

kick ass




lord of the rings/midde-earth

mark of kri

might and magic

mugen souls압도적유희-무겐소울즈圧倒的遊戯-

oh sir

Olympic games

putty squad (stack)


ridge racer



samarai showdown

samurai warriors


sniper ghost warrior


sports champions

suicide guy

the fall

this is the police/rebel cops

toe jam and earl


toy story

van helsing

Vegas party (stack)

warhammer (not sure what the others are linked to.)



way of the samurai

the witcher


i think i've removed all of the ones that have already been posted before.

after 5 hours and a bot check, lol, i'm done. 

enjoy mango 😓

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The international Human Fall Flat list needs rescanning please, because a new DLC has just been added :).


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The Train Sim World: Additional Expansions list, needs rescanning please because a new DLC has just been added to it :).


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Tales of (series feature)


A proposal for correction regarding Tales of Innocence R’s stage listing.


Innocence R is the VITA remake of the 9th mothership title (“main series entry”) in the Tales of series but is currently listed as “no stage” here in our PSNP series feature. As a version of the 9th mothership title, it should be listed in-between the PS3 port of Symphonia (5th mothership title) and the enhanced port PS3 version/PS4 remaster stacks of Vesperia (10th mothership title). 


Innocence R is not considered a spin-off, it is the reimagining of an earlier, proper Tales of main series entry. If it is considered a no stage spin-off/remake/other in the series feature here, I’d like to ask to consider to give Hearts R the same treatment for series consistency despite how well liked it is within some circles of NA and EU VITA players.


Hearts R is the VITA remake of the 11th mothership title in the Tales of series but is currently listed as “stage 3”. It is the same as Innocence R in that Hearts R is a reimagining/one alternative version of an earlier proper main series entry.

I’m a scrub when it comes to English language sources  ┬┴┤∀・)ジ but here’s English Wikipedia with an overview of Tales of mothership games to help out.



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