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Wow Much Ninja Very Sneak - easiest way


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Hi, I accidentaly unlocked this trophy during an open fight... yeah lol.

I don't know if what I did was an unique case, if it is a glitch that can work for everyone or if the forced open fights are registered as not detected (because there isn't the "!" indicator), so it would be helpful if someone can test this.


I was in the mission 5, I didn't manage to get the 10 stealthy kills in a row before reaching the airfield zone where you must protect a woman from the zombies. So I chose to focus on the trophy requiring 5 kills in 2 seconds here. After that I killed the zombies with the barrel, I died because of the explosion, but I got my trophy. Fine. But I thought that there was a trophy related to 5 kills with an explosive barrel too & I hadn't seen it popping (of course, because it doesn't exist! :lol:), so I did again the 5 kills... & I got the Wow Much Ninja Very Sneak trophy!


So, the idea of this "glitch" is that you do the explosive barrel kills twice (obviously in both cases you must kill all the five zombies, damaging them twice with your new pistol is enough), during the first one be sure that you are almost dead before that the barrel explodes, so that it will kill you. Then, just repeat the kills, but this time you don't need to die.


This should be tried if, like me, you don't manage to get the 10 stealthy kills during this mission before this fight.

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Isn't this the scene after the plane crash? Pretty sure it's a one-time only event, no?


It's also very easy to get this trophy if you go back and forth the same two areas making the enemies respawn, you just need time to invest on it. Find somewhere with 2+ enemies you can stealth kill, do so, back out to another area and reenter this area again, kill them, rinse and repeat until it's over.

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