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Small guide to winning all online trophies

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A quick guide to boosting to get all the online trophies for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale


I decided to write this after helping a few players to get these trophies as there´s some confusion on how to get them. Also most tips worked when they were written, but that was long ago and a lot has changed.


First point the game is cross-platform and cross-play. So you can mix PS3 and Vita players on the same online game. This is a big plus for boosting, specially for Vita players. The guide will provide insight for both PS3 and Vita players.


Second point there are two groups of online trophies. Versus and matchmaking. Versus has only one trophy.
- Friendly Competition: as explained in the guides just set up a versus match with another online player, play it, trophy will pop, no metter if you win or loose. That simple. This one is completely different in the way to achieve.
There are 6 matchmaking trophies:
- Triple Kill! (Earn a Triple Kill in a match-made online game)
- Team Sweeper (Earn a Double Kill in a 2v2 match-made online game)
- Tournament Fighter (Complete an online Ranked Match)
- First Blood (Earn a Kill in a match-made online game)
- Victorious! (Win a match-made online game)
- This is Living (Win a match-made online game without dying)


Depending on condition, the most difficult to achieve is probably triple kill. The other ones can be easy. Or not.


When writing this, end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, the biggest problem is that the majority of remaining players right now are level 999 ones and very to extremely skilled. Almost all other players are ones just trying to get the trophies. Unless you get 3 other players in the same level as yours, getting "This is living" is extremely difficult even on 2v2 matches. Forget about the tips of running away or try to stay low profile or invisible. There are characters that when leveled to level 3 will kill ALL other players on the game, no matter the situation so it doesn't work out easily in normal ranked matches.

Also servers do stink a lot. There's some sort of connection limitations related to speed or location as some other PSN players you'll never get in any ranked match, now matter how much you try. Usually US players with good or better internet connections will see everyone, others it«s not so clear. If after 10 or 20 matches you don't get the player (s) you're trying to trying to boost with, you probably won't so it's better to boost with someone else. Also there's sometimes long delays without any matches found. This is usual. Do try to make boosting sessions at times that will avoid more random level 999 players.


Best way to get all match making online trophies is with 2 or more PS3 players with 2 controllers. Set up a 2v2 ranked match with at least another PSN player, the more the merrier, as it makes winning the trophies easier. On the menu, select TOURNAMENT, then RANKED MATCH ,then add 2 players with both controllers, then press start on controller 1. It will jump to match making screen with "2v2 RANKED MATCH" on top, and searching for opponents. This can take a long time to materialize. Once you get into a game with another boosting partner, just have one player do nothing, the victorious one even with just one character playing will get all match making trophies except Triple Kill (a double kill in this situation is a joke to miss). Make the same choices until the other (s) player (s) get the same trophies. You'll get the most difficult trophy, This is Living and 4 other, unless you already had some of them, and the one left will be easier.


All that remains is Triple Kill. This one can only be attained in the same options but only with 1 player. You'll see the message FFA RANKED MATCH on top, and the same searching screen for opponents. Now you can only participate with 1 character and the boat is the same for Vita or PS3 users. But triple kill is attainable even with 3 level 999 players. just be sure to use one caracter tha can kill ALL other ones with a level 3 attack. Good ones are Parappa, Heihachi (best ones in my opinion), Fat Princess or Toro . Forget characters that don't have this ability as the 999 players will avoid being killed (or at least one will) and no triple kill trophy. Also the trophy didn't pop for me with a character that did kill all 3 opponents with the same attack, although not all at the same time, so better make this for sure and avoid being sorry. Heihachi and Ratchet are sometimes able to kill easily all other 3 players at the same time with a level 2 attack, but it's a very long shot. Just attack everyone building stamina for level 3 kill, doesn't matter if you die and they kick your butt a lot, concentrate all in getting level 3. You don't need to win the match, you can even be the last one of the 4. Just kill everyone at the same time and the trophy will pop.


What about PS3 users with just one controller or VIta users? You need to get a dummy PS3 player with 2 controllers or winning the This is living trophy will be hell. Once you get into a match made game with this player it's just a matter of him watching and you playing. Even if the other player that will be present will be a level 999 one, you'll get all the same trophies provided you do the double kill of the PS3 dummy players. Wanting that just 4 or even more single players will all get in the same ranking match is very difficult, but it can happen. Do remember only one player can get the Rhis is living trophy (or at least not all will be able to).


You can create a boosting account on a PS3, the network pass of All Stars will go along to the boosting account on the same PS3. On the Vita to create a boosting account for All Stars you need another memory card and another network pass.


Winning the triple kill trophy is possible with non boosting games. I'm not a great All Stars player and got the Vita and PS3 ones in normal network games with 3 level 999 players. Not at the first time, and was last in both matches but made the triples and the trophies popped.


Hope this helps people struggling to win these trophies :).


Good luck and have fun . 


Thanks to fang7744 and POEman553 for their help in getting the trophies and figuring all this.


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  • 11 months later...

Well this sucks royally.


Sounds like you need to keep at the online matches for quite a while. I poured hundreds of hours into the four Super Smash Bros games on the Nintendo consoles so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Playstation All-Stars, even if the game mechanics are a bit different.


Don't think you can speed through the trophies anymore as the online trophies even if you boosted them look heavily luck based.

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Ironically, I've gotten the hardest trophies done first. Triple Kill! and This is Living (and whatever stacks before any win related trophy). The ones I'm struggling to get are complete a rank match and Friendly Competition because the servers are parroting errors on me. It's one level of inconvenience to lock trophies behind MP/PS+/Online Pass. It's audaciously cruel to have them glitchy.

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4 hours ago, SiraphaeLRD said:

I got firstly Triple Kill! Yesterday in my first try in online, only missing This Is Living, tomorrow maybe get the last online trophy, because you know the information that those servers down October 24-26th.


Yeah I booted up this game after much procrastination and got pretty much all of the online trophies in one sitting, except for the 2v2, because none of my friends play this game.


This is Living... well for me, 3 out of 5 matches were games where players were idle :unsure: So I got it easy. Triple kill was harder because they always dropped out, but got it easily once there were enough players on screen.

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