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Where is Bully 2: Senior Year PS4?


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Just out of curiosity guys. I thought Rockstar Games was supposed to release the game or even put up a trailer for 2016. But it seems Rockstar Games likes to fuck with us and faking it out trying to get everyone's hopes up. Bully is "the" most super fun popular best game, and I know you would say the same thing.

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Aren't this 3 You did lately More "Ps4" topic than Unreleased Games topic? I mean it's Hoping and opinions not games that are to release in the future.


Anyway they announced Red dead redemption 2, most people were hoping for that rather than Bully 2 i think.

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1 minute ago, totallycrushed said:

>Google Bully 2: Senior years

>look at the urls of the articles

>look at the clickbait

>no sources on the articles


Dude you've been baited so hard it's not even funny.


Does It look like i'm being "funny" to you? 

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Gah, Rockstar Games rumors are the worst. I still see random GTA YouTubers every week for the past 3 years saying "Really, Liberty City is coming to GTA Online for real this time!"


Yeah I wouldn't expect anything like this anytime soon, lol

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This is what I got from the bully wiki (news links on the site): Bully


In a September 2013 interview, Dan Houser said that he has "numerous ideas" for another game in the Bully series. Houser specifically stated that it would "probably not" be a Grand Theft Auto clone featuring Jimmy as a protagonist, saying that Jimmy was "never that level of degenerate."


"I know I want to [make another Bully game]. Well, hopefully, you never know. There's a lot of directions I could go with that one, it's funny."

— Dan Houser


So there was a word said about it, however never since then.


In the summer of 2015, a hoax that Bully 2 was set to be released in October 2016 was started. The fake news story appeared on a few different content aggregate sites. The hoax's origin is unknown.

Seems like I skipped that hoax :awesome:

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On 1/8/2017 at 3:38 PM, Empovyle said:

If another Bully game were to happen, it'd be a long time before we got it, since they're working on RDR2. Has Rockstar even developed two games at once before?

Bully 2 seems too good to be true.


Don't forget that some ideas are being thrown around for Grand Theft Auto VI, and you know there's going to be support for RDR2 in either RDR Online or DLC or a combination of both plus the GTA Online content that's still being churned out. I'd say it'll be around Q4 2018 before they officially start working on another game

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