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Log of my adventures in PES 2014

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Never have I played a soccer game nor have I really watched any real life soccer games. So I'm going to document everything I do to get this platinum.


1. It is asking for my difficulty. I'm setting it to beginner because I don't know what I'm doing.


2. It is asking me to pick a team. I'm picking from PDII League. Selecting the team Johachnaard V.V because their logo is literally a chicken.




3. It wants to know if I want to register my favorite player. I don't know shit about these people. I'm skipping this.


4.  Entering edit mode. Time to edit the players on the chicken team. They shall be chicken gods. Increasing all abilities to 99. 


5. Changing team name to the Chicken Gods.




Master League Attempt #1 - English League

6. Starting master league. Picking the Chicken Gods as my team. Selecting English League because I can't figure out what league corresponds to what trophy.


7. It is now asking me to pick a country. I don't know why. Uganda has a chicken on their flag. I'm picking Uganda.




8. You will not be able to become the national manger of your selected country. Are you sure? Umm...why not. Yes. I know this is going to bite me in the ass later.


9. Master League - August 2013 You joined Chicken Gods as their manager. 


10. First match against Man Blue!!! Apparently r1 is sprint and square takes the shot on the goal. Tapping square seems to get me scores. Holding it is over shooting. Retied my match 2-2 once I learned this. Chickens are to fast for the Blues!!!!


12. Victory! 4-2  The chickens win their first training match.


20S5326bf.png First Glory: Master League
Awarded for your First Win in Master League.


PDII League has Begun!


1. Next match Chicken Gods (99) vs. KVC MEIRKUGAURT (74) Going to see what skip match does. 


It simulated a 2 - 0 victory. VICTORY!!!!


2. Chicken Gods now face off against HJORWESLAND  BK (68) Man these guys suck worse than the last team. Screw it we simulating this shit again.


Simulated 4 - 1 for a VICTORY!!! How dare we allow them to score...


We are the only team to win both games. Rank #1 baby!!!


3. UEFA Best Player in Europe Award 2012-2013 didn't select one of my guys. They shall soon learn their mistake.


4. The English Cup has begun! Chicken Gods v GANZORACIO (74) Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


5. K.S. SZELAWCE (74) vs Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 4 victory.


6. Chicken Gods vs GANZORACCIO (74)... We already beat these assholes... Simulated 2 - 0 victory.


7. WONDENGINE TOWN (74) v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 3 victory.


8. Chicken Gods v THE POTTERIES (82) SImulated 1 - 0 victory.


9. Chicken Gods v C.D. RALTONVEGUA (74) Simulated 2 - 0 victory.


10. Chicken Gods v CANTLESIR SPOR (75) Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


11. PES UNITED (76) v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 2 victory.


12. Chicken Gods v CS IOLCEANICU  Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


13. FK ODERSTEICH v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 4 victory.


14. JORUDBERG FF v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 5 victory.


15. Chicken Gods v C.S. SQUANOER Simulated 5 - 3 victory.


16. FSV SARMTONBURG v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 5 victory.


17. S.D. QUAZTOLLA v Chicken Gods Simulated 1 - 5 victory.


18. FC NORTOVKA v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 1 victory.


19. Chicken Gods v WE UNITED Simulated 3 - 0 victory.


20. Footballer of the Year in Asia announced!!!! 


21. Chicken Gods v A.C. NITSALOSKIS Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


22. Contract negotiations begin. I MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE. YOUR NOT GETTING MORE MONEY.


23. World Player List announced. Not my guys.


24. Halfway mark announced....fml...this is only halfway. This game sucks.




26. HJORWESLAND BK v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 1 victory.


27. Chicken Gods v K.S SZELAWCE Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


28. GANZORACCIO vs Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 3 victory. 


29. Chicken Gods vs WONDENGINE TOWN Simulated 3 - 2 victory.


30. CD RALTONVEGUA v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 1 victory.


31. Chicken Gods v MERSEYSIDE BLUE Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


32. CANTLESIR SPOR v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 2 victory. 


33. Chicken Gods v PES UNITED Simulated 2 - 0 victory.


34. CS IOLCEANICU v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 3 victory.


35. Chicken Gods v FK ODERSTEICH Simulated 4 - 0 victory.


36. Chicken Gods v MAN BLUE Simulated 3 - 0 victory. WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS !!!!!

37. Chicken Gods v JORUDBERG FF Simulated 6 - 1 victory.


38. C.S SQUANOER v Chicken Gods Simulated 2 - 4 victory.


39. Chicken Gods v FSV SARMTONBURG Simulated 3 - 1 victory.


40. Chicken Gods v S.D. Quaztolla Simulated 6 - 3 victory.


41. Chicken Gods v FC NORTOVKA Simulated 1 - 0 victory.


42. WE UNITED v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 1 victory.


43. MERSEYSIDE RED v Chicken Gods Simulated 0 - 5 victory. ENGLISH CUP WINNERS!!!!!


44. A.C. NITSALOSKIS v Chicken Gods Simulated 1 - 5 victory.


45. We've been promoted to English League!


21S8005e8.png Promoted
Awarded for winning Promotion to a Top League in Master League.


God this game is boring.


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I'll be starting this game in a few days, I'm excited as I do love football (the national team stuff at least.)


The African Cup of Nation begins next week and Uganda is actually in it. I will be hoping for a strong showing, though they are in a tough group so probably won't get far.


(Also sorry to burst your bubble but it is a crane, not a chicken. When I'm picking novelty African sides for these sorts of games I go for Mozambique for the iconic AK + hoe + book flag combo or Djibouti because Djibouti.)

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