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Team Building 101


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On 1/9/2017 at 2:44 AM, tomsgiraffe said:

I am so frustrated with this trophy. For some reason, I can't figure it out.

Hey there! What you have to do is put together a team that has a lot of the same specialities in Madden Ultimate Team. You might see something like 3-4 defense, west coast offense, 4-3 defense, etc. In order to activate them you might need like 4 to 6 players with same speciality in order to achieve it. There is a little guide on the right hand side when you are setting your roster. Once you have them, you need to be able to activate 2 at the same time. This will probably not be your best team. Don't worry you just need to activate them and not actually play with that team for it to unlock. Meaning if you need to, you can temporarily purchase cheap players with the same specialities to get the trophy. Good luck!

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Anybody willing to trade/sell some of their players with chemistry (if possible)? It seems like the cheapest players with chemistry go for a lot of coins now that nobody plays the game. Does anyone have any tips to get coins fast or to get this trophy relatively quickly?

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