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8 minutes ago, GalrenStormbow said:

No problem, though it was on the first page and also only the 3rd result when just typing metal in the search box.

I haven't used a search. I am new on forum and do not know much, sorry.

5 minutes ago, Midnightwards666 said:

Yes that is the thread for anything metal related. Also welcome to the forums, nice to see a new fellow metalhead. :) 

Thanks :)

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I'm an oldster and a classic metal-head. I like most all metal from the 70s and 80s. 90s metal isn't so great to me, and I haven't heard enough metal from 2000 and beyond to make a decision on it.


EDIT: where are my manners? Welcome to the site, fellow metal-head!

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lack of manners
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