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Warning: Trophy listings contains spoilers!

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28 minutes ago, Jun said:

You have been warned.


As far as I can see if I activate the "Hide Secret Trophies"-filter all story-related trophies are hidden?

So if someone doesn't activate the filter it's their own fault. The only non-hidden trophies seem to be the typical Maximum bond, eliminate XXX White Noise-lines, and collect all gift trophies.


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Thanks for the warning, I know the list is in Japanese right now, so I can't understand it, but once it's in English, I'll try to avoid looking at it/make it so I can't see the hidden trophies. Spike is usually so good about not putting spoilers in the trophy list, so this makes me a little disappointed in them.

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Was just about to google translate the list - thanks for the warning! Will also keep that in mind when I actually get the game


Will probably just play blind through the story first without looking at the list and then go back for the rest of trophies... hopefully they won't be TOO annoying or missable

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