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Ghost Trophy

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On my ps3 low chaos playthrough I didn't have this problem. Can someone confirm whether or not this will still get me the trophy at the end if both boxes are checked but an alarm was rung. I was careful and patient this level and I know I didn't have an alarm go off before or after I branded the overseer. I even knocked out the patrolling sentry that goes in the torture room. I got both of these trophies on the same level and playthrough.



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On 8/18/2020 at 7:19 AM, EIdain said:

Anyone follow any good guides similar to Red Dragon's, but that allowed you to upgrade powers? I've already done the Flesh & Steel trophy.


Just follow his guides, upgrading your powers makes the routes hilariously easy. Dark Vision, upgraded Blink, and Bend Time lets you skip right in front of guards without setting off any alerts.

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