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Eightfold Obliteration trophy easy method, no trap chest.

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I have recorded this method:


On Scholhouse floor 5, in chapter 5, on the second room, just to the right, immediatly after you enter the room,  It is possible to encounter 8 of that monster in a random encount, so no trap chest required.


  1. Hope you enconter 8 in a fight, if don't run away(or kill them all) and exit and re-emter the room
  2. After enconter 8 Just use Rean Motivate craft to increas the ATK al all the party.
  3. Use Millium S-Craft with full CP bar (200), her S-craft will hit all the enemies, and will kill them all, just be sure to have 740+ SRT with Millium.


PS: sorry for the bad quality of the video, but on PS3 I needed to use my Phone >_<

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Another good place to get this is at Heimdallr's Der Himmel Hotel in Chapter 4, during the Underground Passage Monster quest. You'll have Fie in your group, & her Sylphid Dance S-Craft covers an XL area. A door in the hotel leads to the underground passage.


Before you go, pay the 200 mira to rest so everyone has 200 CP. When you find 8 monsters in a group, make sure Fie still has 200 CP. Now stack Motivate with La Forte for 50% more STR (or a 2nd Motivate if Rean gets a turn before the La Forte). After that, it's S-Break time! All the monsters should die at once.

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I managed to get this using the first Trap Chest in Chapter 2. Moving around to get the enemies in place is a huge pain, but I had a bigger problem with killing all eight of them using Rean’s S-Break.


My advice is to use Laura. The very first time I tried her S-Break when they were all in formation, it worked like a charm.

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