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Suggestion: Country Rank Percentiles

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Hi! While glossing over my profile, I had a thought that I thought I'd share here, just in case some users / contributors might ind it interesting.

Sorry if this has been suggested before, I didn't find any forum posts like it.


So the level rankings on people's profiles are really cool, but the Country rankings of two people from different countries are made quite difficult to compare. For instance, being Rank 100 wouldn't mean too much if you were from Malta, but it would if you were from USA. At the moment, if you want to know what your Country Rank really means in terms of relative placement, a user has to go the last page of his Country Rankings and divide his ranking by the very lowest one from that page. Now, of course, for people high up on the list, being able to say "I'm third highest in Country X" is still fun, so I wouldn't say do away with the Country Rank at all. But I think a very useful new statistic that you could add (to general profiles, or to the statistics tab) would be the Percentile of your country (and of the world, for that matter) you belong to. That way all profiles are more easily comparable, and you can interpret your relative placement among gamers on PSN at a glance. 



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