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Patch 1.01 is live, adds new content/trophies


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Hi folks :)


Last night, we got a new patch. It's free and comes with the following additions:

- the game now runs in 60 fps

- the game now has a Beginner mode to help players that have been struggling big time (whether or not this mode will have an effect on trophies I can't say atm)

- the game now has a Boss Rush mode


Realizing this last night got me super-hyped and I immediately downloaded the game again. But how do feel about it? Excited? Angry that your 100% is now at 95%?

I will say this: Boss Rush won't be easy, esp the naked run (you get a pistol and zero dash/sword abilities) and I'm a little disappointed that we can only get 3 bronze trophies out of this. Considering the spike in difficulty between the full-gear and the naked run, they should have given us a bronze, silver, and gold trophy for this. Then again, I'm just glad there's more to do in this wonderful game :)

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12 hours ago, Crimson Idol said:


Not so far. Are you mistaking Hyper Light Drifter with Titan Souls perhaps? That's currently available in the IGC and both games use a similar pixel-style:

Hyper Light Drifter:

  Reveal hidden contents



Titan Souls:

  Reveal hidden contents



I think I confused it for something else entirely -_-


It's a game whereby the levels are designed as multiple boss fights. I forget the name

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