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Trophies Missable if I also play on PC or Xbone?


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Though I've only played the game on PS4 so far, if I were to play on PC or Xbone as well would the trophies become missable? For example, if I do something that would pop a trophy on the PS4 version, but I did it while playing the game on PC would it just not pop? Or is it a case where the PS4, PC, and Xbone SMITE accounts are separate from eachother

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Has anyone confirmed if this works? If i decide to play Smite on PC (after i linked my PS4 and PC account) would the trophies be achievable if i play mostly on PC rather then PS4? Lets say im playing on PC and i manage to master 70 Gods, would i get the trophy on Smite when i log on from my PS4?

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To my knowlegede trophies dont autopop. I have more than 1000 hours on PC and when I connected my PSN profile to my PC profile nothing popped for me. Couldnt even use my skins lol

However, that was some month ago not sure if they changed that 

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