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Phishing messages at PSN?


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Hi all,


I just got a message form someone I don't have in my Friends list. It's a group message sent by someone I don't know and want me to click on a certain link. Check out the screenshot I attached. Looks like phishing to me, off course I did not click the link.


What do you think, is this phishing, should I report this to Sony?


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Yeah, already got this twice last week. They add you to a group, send the exact same message that the OP got as well and then instantly leave the group. They are all PSN level 1 accounts without an avatar and with zero friends. It's probably just a big group of spam bots. Just report all of them and hope it stops a.s.a.p..

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14 hours ago, TympanicScroll said:

Wow, this is strange. I reported this to Sony and I got a reply. It's in Dutch so I will try to translate it appropriately. 'We have processed your Online-id complain and we think the content is not in violation with our code of conduct'.


Tbh, I think this is really strange.

Yeah I got the same message when I reported a community that was something likes of "FREE PSN CODES WOW EXTRA REALLY WORKS". 

Sony most likely has an automated system for the reports and it can't recognize these kinds of messages or communities as breaking rules.

But it doesn't hurt to report them anyway.

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I got this on my secondary account a few days ago, but just noticed it now. Which is surprising because I'm rarely every actually on that account unless I'm doing a splitscreen thing like I did with Minecraft or Coffin Dodgers. Before today it'd been about 5 weeks since my last sign in, and before that a good 4 months. 

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