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Collateral damage trophy

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It's glitching for me. Killing someone by shooting back the projectiles doesn't count towards the ingame counter or the trophy itself. Even tried following a youtube tutorial, restarting, a new save game, different monsters, but none of it is working. Any idea what to do?

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I remember this trophy awhile back and thought it was glitchy too but you just got to parry it right and the apes usually die with 1 hit. Just keep at it.

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Well it didnt work and now I'm running out of monsters to kill since they arent respawning.. I keep trying now with the 3 on top of the scissors checkpoint but not a single one counting.. running out of options and patience here after trying for 3 hours for the simplest trophy.

I just got all 3 in a row while -flying- so I guess it was a glitch where it got recorded late. Really late. Problem solved atleast, it wasnt me doing stuff wrong.


Thanks for the help anyways.

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