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Apparently you can't unlock the spy, military and maid outfits without a save from the remaster version ? Is this really true or not ? Do we have any more info on what exactly are the costumes, how many of them there are and how are we supposed to unlock them ? I've heard about "dusty points" or something with photos being "liked" from other players online or something.

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There are several ways to unlock costumes and there are 15 total costumes.

1) Missions. There was one costume that unlocked in the main story and another I got in a side mission. I haven't done all the side missions so I don't know how many unlock this way

2) Dusty coins (points? i can't recall). These come from sharing photos online, either just sharing them or showing other players the location of treasure chests (which generates a mission for the other player). There are, if I recall, 3 or 4 costumes related to this.

3) I'm fairly sure one of the treasure chests I opened had a costume, but I can't recall. Most had emotes, photo items, or furniture in them.

4) I can confirm that having a save from the remaster gives you the Spy, Cat, and Maid costumes. I don't know if these are only available that way, but they unlocked for me once I had a save. (I beat the game before learning about this and decided to pop in my copy of the Remaster to try it). It does not seem like there is a way to get the costumes from having the Vita version but I didn't really dig for it.

5) Preorder. I had two extra costumes upon starting the game, and I think they were related to 'preordering' the game. I think the code Sony gave me for review included them.

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