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Elder Altair's story!?

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Altair did actually receive a second game, the PSP title AC Bloodlines, but many of us probably didn't play that game (or even own a PSP, haha).  From what I remember about the AC games' plots - it's been some time since I played through them), Ezio learned about Altair's life throughout his 3 adventures, and discovered that the Brotherhood as he knew it had effectively been established by Altair following the events of the first game.  Revelations gave us a chance to see a little more of his life through Desmond's and Ezio's eyes, in a sense.


Connor in ACIII had little to nothing to do with Altair, if memory serves.  I could be wrong, but I barely remember Ezio even getting a mention in that game.  Ezio was a committed Assassin; Connor was not, at least not until towards the end of his game.  It just made sense for more information about Altair to be revealed in an Ezio game.


In any case, you really should have asked this in the AC revelations thread(s)...


Edit: Damn, just noticed the identical thread elsewhere... :D

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