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Beats Tour2 - Best beats earphones


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Just thought i would let people know that if there in the marked for a pair of beats earphones to go no further than the beats tour2. The beats that are on the website only have the urbeats and the yet to be released beats x. 

The beats tour2 are the best beats earphones as they are the best sounding earphones they make, they also have amazing noise cancelling, When i put them in my ears i can barley hear any background noise but then when you play music you literally cant even hear cars go past you. 

They have the best build quality. There well built. No wires have came loose and they havent broken on me.

The durability is unexpected. I was expecting to get about 2 years out of these but these have lasted 4 years and still going strong. Thats with using them almost everyday and bashing them about,Falling on the ground and they even went through my washing machine lol and they still work perfect 

They fit in my ear pretty good. i occasionally have to push them in as they come out a little bit but never fall out on thier own. This could all come down to my ears being un-ergonomic. They have 3 different earbuds to choose from to get the best fit. They also come with wingtips which stop them from coming out your ear all together and work %100 of the time but i dont like the look of them.

The wire is tangle free. unlike the thin wires that get tangled all the time these will get in loops but all you have to do is pull them and they come straight out. so theres no need to sit for 2 minutes to untangle them.

The sound quality is really good and the best in all the beats earphones. The sound is rich and of course bass heavy. but the bass is never really overpowering. The vocals are clear and never get muffled by the bass. You can hear all the instruments as well  but obviously not as clear as a set of bang and olufsen earphones (but there mainly for jazz listeners). They go really loud compared to your standard earphones so you will never need to worry about the music being to low. Hip hop is obviously its strong point but it also handles every other type of music genre really good. 

There very easy to clean. I had the apple ear pods at one point and when wax got into them they got stuck in the vent and werent comfy they gave me a rash in my ear cause of the metal bit (ironic how they now own beats) All you have to do is take the rubber tips of of and put them under a tap and bang all clean


They cost £95 on argos in the uk but they seem to be hard to find and ebay is full of fakes.


Although everyone hates on beats i am highly aware that they are somewhat overpriced but so is the shitty iphones they keep releasing every year and people still keep buying them. They sound good and are very durable and beats dont seem to want to make any of there earphones beat it. All im saying is beats tour2 are the only good beats earphones and yes they are a little expensive but it's one of these things were your paying for the name more than the product. 

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