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21 hours ago, TheVader66 said:

I finally got her, it took awhile I even wasted all my orbs (max I had 12 and 14) twice but a few orb grinds and on my first try of my third attempt I was able to get Micaiah. I wanted her because her legendary weapon Thani is amazing especially with all the armored units introduced in the game so far. I also need another blue tome unit and I loved her bird and her design. I am currently working on her build, she is a SPD+ but DEF- I am looking for Threaten Res or Res Ploy for her so it will be awhile. 



Nice job. I didn't get any focus characters this banner, but I got my 4th 5* Eirika and made her +3, and finally a Lucina... but -Atk/+Res... despite that, she's still good.


As for Mich, +Spd is nice, allows for some x2 to be reduced, but not a whole lot else, and -Def is still her best -, she really doesn't need it. DB3 is definitely nice if you're looking to thrash any and all Cav and Armor enemies, seriously disgusting. Ofc Sacrifice can help her automatically get into Desp range, so that's nice. I'd take Threaten Res over Res Ploy, because you're looking at sacrificing either a Lute or Sonya for that skill, Threaten Res is definitely better based on availability. The Brash Assault Seal, combined with Desperation, will do wonders for her, there are a lot of Cav units that can counter, and even though Hector's the only armored with DC, people give that away to other armors to. Iceberg or Glacies would be a great special since her Res is already high as hell, though Moonbow can be used as well since it's a faster activation and against armored will basically destroy them even more.


Well, anyway, the event calendar has been released, and holy hell, there's a shit ton to talk about;




First thing that caught my eye: LYON GHB! I've been waiting for him, I assume he's gonna be a red tome user, and I hope to god he's good. Gotta save my feathers back up to I can + him, I used what I had on Oliver to make him +2, simply because I have a need to + when I can. Anyway... after him is Valter revival, and that leads me to think that the next focus will be Sacred Stones based. I have a feeling they'll introduce 3 characters in the focus, and then put 1 more in the Tempest Trial mini coming up, just like the NY units. My top 3 picks would be Cormag, L'Arachel, and Duessel. I have a strong feeling Myrrh will be in the focus, though, and I know my friend will be happy if that happens.


I believe that tomorrow the 2nd round of the Choose Your Legends event is supposed to go up, which means another set of Heroes are probably gonna get Brave counterparts. I think because Ike, Lyn, Roy, and Lucina got them already, they're automatically out of the running. I saw some people wonder if RD Ike counted separate since it was PoR Ike that won. I feel like they should take out RD Ike, since he scored in the top 10 as well, so he's almost a guarantee to win 1st or 2nd. We'll probably see the winners units around the same time as the Brave ones last year.


The Legendary Summoning event will take place at the end of the month. Gunnthra and Fjorm will be in it, I assume they'll also have 2 Awakening and Nohrian Summer units, since it seems to be a theme to put 4 limited units in there, but I wonder if they'll add another new character that's related to book 2 in some way? I don't see them putting Loki or Laevatain in it, like I've seen some people say, that just seems odd. Or they may not put a new one in at all, guess we'll see. There's also the "Special Heroes" summoning event in February going into March. I wonder what it entails? I feel a Valentine's banner would be appropriate, ofc they couldn't do one last year because the launch of the game was so close, but now is the perfect time. The "Movement Skill" focus... for some reason, all I can think of is Armor March characters being in it. Is there any other Movement based moves I'm not thinking of?


Other than a ton of quests happening, there's a planned update coming on 2/7, no doubt it'll be to update the game for the Special Heroes banner, so that'll be datamined and we'll see what else comes with it. This year anniversary is shaping up nicely. Since I got Lucina and am back at 3% for the RD focus, and it's close to ending/the new banner will be shown soon, I'm just saving my orbs, I have 31 right now from everything. I doubt I'll wait long enough to see who'll be in the Legendary focus, since I'll probably be focused more on the New Heroes, but we'll see. I'm still surprised I managed to summon Gunnthra during the last one, but I suspect we'll get a free version of her when we actually see her in the story, much like Fjorm.

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