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Hello there everyone


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Hello, I am a long time gamer on PS3 and now PS4. From Norway, but speak English pretty well. I have by far most hours of screentime with CoD Zombies, but play other games as well, no particular genre preferred really. But I very much prefer co-op over competitive games, because the fun and social part is what is the best part of online gaming to me. And yes, I have a headset that I use. Can't play co-op/socially without that.


So, here I am, if anyone wanna play something just let me know. :)

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A quick look at your games dont see much co-op we could play but welcome to the site nevertheless and your continuing support to the PS. :lol: 

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Well, Neverwinter and GTA V is a couple of games we have in common. ;) I am not really active on either of those as of right now, but the main reason why I put games down is because of a lack of people to play with. Would be fun with Minecraft as well, opens up for more people to join in on the fun too. But Minecraft is a game that is extreeemely boring to play alone.

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