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Medal Master - Tips?


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I've got all the trophies, except the Medal Master... 


I can't beat the second level in chapter 16 (16.2), and also 17.2 and 17.4... I've noticed that they're all ''Classic'' levels. Apparently, I suck at those.

Does anyone have any tips or something to beat this? The timer is too quick for me, and I've tried a lot of different sets of power-ups.


Which active/passive power-up is most effective for ''Classic'' type levels, or works best for you?






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I'm still working on the last level (think it might be 17.4). the 2nd depth charge one was killer as well. Both are extremely frustrating as the time is not nearly enough for an even decently face game. My preferred abilities are the active frost token. Most of the challenge levels became extremely easy using it as it gives a large amount more time. I know that the other actives give actual tile removal abilities but that was my favorite. I usually combined that with the passive ability to give additional time or the coils don't lose a charge.


I've tried some of the other passives but most end up not being a great enough advantage vs more time overall. The one that gives one less color is good but on the higher levels you seem to lose a lot of time and there are just way too many tiles to match to lose time on. I've tried the +15% extra power up tiles, but this doesn't seem to give a noticeable difference. I mean the difference between having 10 tiles vs 10 + 15% is 10 vs 11 or 12. I think I'd rather still have more time.


I've also started to use the binoculars and it seem much more useful than I originally gave it credit for. For every matched tile you effectively clear two tiles. It also moves the board around which is really helpful at higher levels since you can get "dead zones" in the bottom that are hard to clear.


Good luck and just keep trying.

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Well I've been trying and trying almost every night for around a month now, different combinations, over and over again, and I can't believe it, but I finally just, very narrowly, unlocked this trophy! :silver::yay:

I ended up getting it by using the last Active powerup (Submarine Controls) and the middle-right Passive powerup (Lightning-Catcher).

You want to use the compases to make the matches as long as possible. The lightning catcher will give you double lightning everytime you do this, which really comes in handy for flying around the board and taking out trapped single pieces.

If you haven't tried this powerup setup, I highly recommend giving it a try, as today was the first time I had tried this combination, and I succeeded after just a few goes with this setup!

Below is my winning attempt. It's not the best attempt - watching it back again, I missed a lot of longer moves and I panicked towards the end and just started matching anything, but it turned out to be enough to get me the trophy.

I've never used the PS Share function before, or uploaded a video to youtube for that matter, but if it helps somebody with this trophy, here goes:


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3 hours ago, MarkusT1992 said:

They just released a Patch that changes this trophy. According to the patchnotes on the Ps4, only 40 medals are required now for the trophy.

I can confirm. Patch just installed, already had 44 medals and on opening up the challenges the trophy popped.

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Yeah I was at 61/62 medals and I'm glad to be done with this trophy but almost feel like it was cheating... Then again the only people I've seen videos for that had completed it used the pause/screen capture method which isn't necessarily getting it 100% legit. Not that I'm condemning them, I tried the same thing lol, it is just that the trophy went to truly difficult to fairly easy to get. Maybe I'll go back and get the 62nd star some day.... Who am I kidding I've never picking this game up again after spending so much time trying for that last trophy :).

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I was so happy when they reduced the medal requirement :P every time I went on the PS4 I went on intending to try 17-2/17-4 a few times before going onto what I was actually intending to play... Then usually playing for about 30 minutes with "just one more try...".


I just don't get the time requirement for those 2 levels, it's crazy, every other level at least felt achievable, those 2 seem complete chance.


Now I'm free of the game... It's an okay puzzler, but trying to get the medals for those 2 levels completely soured me on it...

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